Saturday, 22 September 2012

Review: The New White Dwarf

Well, it is most certainly a time of change. As those with good sight may have noticed, the blog now has a fantastic new banner, created by an old friend of mine who dabbles in the art Also, the White Dwarf of the past, the one riddled with nothing but advertising nonsense, is dead. A new style has overtook the old, but how does it compare?

The first thing you'll notice with White Dwarf 2.0 is the price; the magazine now costs an eye-watering £5.50 for Uk readers. Now, this of course is a bad start, but thankfully, this appears to the the only significant bad thing about it. You'll soon tell that, despite being a tad smaller, it feels a lot heavier. The cover has also received special treatment, with the subject model, a Slaughter-fiend, rendered in a glossy texture upon a retro-inspired cover. the pages also feel of a better quality

The thing that will shock the pessimists is the existence of content...yes, actual content. And as a journalist, I should know. This new magazine is riddled with articles, including painting articles, battle reports, discussions of the concepts behind the up-coming Chaos space Marine releases, and much much more; far surpassing any previous White Dwarves I've read in recent times.

One article surprised me; a conversion article for Dakka Jets which (shock horror!) contained non-GW parts. Well, plasticard and aluminium tubes, but it's a step forward I suppose.
That aluminium piping certainly isn't GW...

So, you maybe asking: "What about advertising?". Ys, the elephant in the room has always been GW's over-reliance on advertising. White dwarfs of the past were always seen as expensive pointless catalogues, but not any more. Having gone through the entire issue, I counted the number of advertisements (i.e. the old image with prices, product details, where to buy etc. format), and the total number of pages?

Seven. Yes, just seven pages. Sure, you may say there's more, but I'm only counting pages which come across as 'sale-sy', pages with the intention of trying to sell me a product or service, without including things like descriptions or the directory at the back. This is a first for White Dwarf in recent times; a magazine that is a magazine, not a catalogue. GW has finally realised that people want content in a magazine.

So, to conclude, here's a small summary and score for people who like numbers:

+ Pros

  • Massive increase in content
  • Engaging articles
  • Minimal advertising
  • Useful guides and ideas
  • More pages 
  • Free Poster (Horus Heresy/Angron double-sided)
  • More expensive
Overall; a solid 9.5 out of ten. A vast improvement over the previous incarnation, and a magazine that, as a journalist, I can say is worth buying now.


  1. Agreed theres also a reliance on imagery - they're not covering up great pictures or photos with prices or launch codes or special logos clean images - if you were inclined you could cut out the pictures.

    The best bit for me was the feeling of "the gang" again. The authors have slid into the recesses in recent years but this has brought everyone back into the foreground and can only make it easier to relate to.

    I gave it 3/5 solid start.

  2. The real issue I had with it compared to WDs from six or seven years ago is that it doesn't have any new rules or scenarios in it. The designers' notes are a nice touch but other than that there's nothing in it you can't find better, more thorough versions of with a Google search.

  3. Oliver-Very true, the internet is a wonderful place to find tutorials :). In comparision to old WD as a magazine, this new one is far superior. This serves as just a coparision of the magazines :D