Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Showcase: Chaos Hell Blade

As you duck for cover, clutching your lasgun, five percent power, the air above your head rushes, followed by a high pitched scream. A mag-train? No, they've all been shut down since the war begin. This is something else. Something... tormenting. The smell of ash and copper follows the craft's path. A long, sneak shape appears in the night sky. Its surface bedecked in a regal blue and yellow, and sunlight gleaming off its. panels. A yellow dragon coiled on its side. But its shape confuses you. It is not the brutally effective imperial design of the Imperial Navy. It is sharp, agile, painful even to look at. It is a herald of death. Banking sharply, and levelling off, the last thing you hear is the heavy roar of several autocannon shells slamming into the ground, and then the fuel reserves...

As you can probably guess by the original prose, the Hell Blade is finally finished and battle ready. In terms of the build, all that was needed was some additional rivets on the underside and some panel fixes.

A small peg as glued onto the flying stand (above) to allow the model to balance on it, and for ease of attaching the flyer.

The base is done in a desert theme, much like the rest of the army. Miliput was used (leftovers from sculpting) to build a small hill and break up the lines, and cork was used for rocky outcrops. GW's grass tufts were added to finish it off, as well as a Space Marine's shoulder pad and some binoculars.

Because I didn't have any clear parts to make the canopy, it was made with the intention of painting it. It started off black, followed by a coat of Eshin Grey, then a highlight of Codex Grey, then a fine highlight of white, and a finishing coat of glass varnish.

Burn marks were added to the surface using weathering pigments, mainly dark browns and rust colours.These were done in lines, following the Hell Blades flight direction (i.e. sweeping back from the front), and were mainly done on the rivets and the tips of the fuselage. A matte spray coating sealed the pigments.

In it's first game as a finished model, it brought down a dreadnought in one burst of fire, before doing sweet FA the rest of the game whilst close combats took place (the narrated pictures are on Facebook). I'll inform you on Facebook of any notable kills it has reaped.

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