Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Showcase: Thousand Sons Raptors

Finally. The new chart system I set up last week has provided results. I've finally got around to finishing the first five members of my Raptor squad.

The paint scheme follows the standard for my Thousand Sons, but with added colours. The turbine fans stared Warplock Bronze, with Sycorax Bronze and Reikland Fleshshade. Rust and dirt pigments were added to the exhausts, with a sponge application of black paint to finish off.

The champions Power Maul was interesting to do. I went with a lightning effect, but decided on green lightning, to contrast with the blue armour. This was achieved with tiny lines of Caliban Green, moving up to Moot Green, then up to white, each colour being painted on in smaller lines.

The exhaust vents were fun to do. I decided on a glow effect, using Temple Guard Blue as the base colour. I chose this over the blue used on the armour since it provides more of a contrast, and is much more vibrant: ideal for ethereal/jet flames.

The next stage for this unit is to build and paint the next five (one more meltagun wielder, three regulars, and maybe an icon bearer if they're still in the codex), but first, I'll be working on something....faster. Stay tuned.


  1. Nice raptors! Really think you need to sort a camera out for yourself :)

  2. Cheers :) Yeah, a new camera is on the list of things I need once money comes through :)