Saturday, 29 September 2012

WIP: Gaming Table 2.0 (Part Five)

Some more progress on the battle board in today's post, as I begin to paint the field. Well, desert.

As you can probably surmise  I'm going with a desert themed board. With enough hills made for now, I decided to turn my attention to the boards themselves, which have had no love since I bought them a month or so ago.

Notice the blast crater, painted in black,
to represent a shell detonation
Paint wise they will use the same colours as the hills. I'll base coat them in Earth Stone, then dapple/stroke Safari sand on top, leaving a little bit of the previous colour showing. I have also thought about painting patches of unearthed rock, using various greys, to create the illusion of slabs of stone .

As well as this, a new building has found its way to the game; a bastion. I think this was a fantastic  and lucky, purchase. You see, I bought it for £18.50, which is £7 less than the current retail price. The reason: Hobby craft have neglected to update their prices. 20%+ saving because of pricing errors? Tzeentch certainly favours me this week.

The bastion is mostly stock. However, I did want to make a more extravagant entrance, and so I used eagle-motif panels from the Bassilica on the wall with the door on it. It will be painted in mute colours, with the exception of the eagle relief, which will be a worn gold.

That's all for now, but next week, I might surprise you with a custom scenario I'll be playing for laughs. the picture above provides a hint. Lets just say I'll be setting the world on fire...

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