Thursday, 13 September 2012

WIP: Gaming Table 2.0 (Part Four)

Another update for you, my many followers. The gaming table is coming along nicely, and more terrain has been consecrated in the blood of the enemy (i.e. I have has a few games).

A few more hills have been made from the foam I bought. You really do get quite a few hills out of one A2 and one A4 sheet. A great alternative to GW's plastic hills. Lightweight, easy to cut, effective: pretty much everything you would want from a hill.

More detail has been added to the hills which are closer to being finished. Some land mines (bought from Wartorn UK back in June) have been placed on the hill and partially sanded over. These can either be used as minefields in 6th edition, or can simply be nice looking terrain details, which help remind people that this is a war zone of some form.

These two hills are pretty much completed. In terms of painting, I used household paint from UK store Wilkinsons, and chose colours similar to a desert. Keep in mind that the paints don't have to be a perfect match, but should at least be suitable for the environment you are choosing to recreate. I chose two colours: Earth Stone and Safari Sand, which are quite close to Steel Legion Drab and Iraqi Sand; not identical, but suitable for my purposes.

The hills got a good coat of Earth Stone, then a dry-brush of Safari Sand, topped off with some codex grey rocks and grass tufts.

 The pots I got were colour tester pots, costing £1 each. A few of each colour will be enough to cover a table. Using household paint brushes helps too, speeds things up a great deal.

That's all for now, but come check out the Facebook page, where we will have a few extra images and discussion, and a project revealing when we hit 50 likes (only three to go)....

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