Thursday, 6 September 2012

WIP: Scrapyard Update (Part One)

As some of you know, I have recently collected a stash of forgotten projects from my parent's house. I thought it would be good to create a 'mini series' to show you all how far I am getting on with each item from the list of the long lost projects, as well as future plans.


There is a little progress to report on this model. I've removed the main gun, and some armour plates which were badly made or wonky.

I also found a turret from the previous generation of Leman Russ, which was once used on an Ork Looted Wagon. All that needs doing is to rip out the Ork gunner, take off the armour plating, put on new, neat armour pates, and it's pretty much serviceable once again. I'll be keeping the main gun, as it is not too Orky, and will make a nice count-as Nova Cannon. It's too short to be a regular Battle Cannon, and too big for a Demolisher, so this is a good compromise. That, and I quite like the stats for the Nova Cannon, even if others do not.

I'm still unsure about the extended hull. It is a nice idea, but it does not fit in with my other Leman Russ (pictured alongside). However, I am putting it to a vote on the Facebook page. Click Ahriman in the top right of the page to vote.


This is the other project which has been put on the new wall chart. Not much needs to be done to this before it goes onto the detail stage. The metals and key colours have been tidied up, and its just copper and brass parts left, such as the pistons. I also realised I left one of its front claws at home, and it still needs another weapon system on the torso. I am leaning towards having another close combat weapon.

Also thought I would give you this image, which shows off a fun little 'trophie' I added to the leg. Anyone know what chapter with white or grey armour this captain should be from?

Rhino progress made here. The worn beast isn't on the first chart of things to do. However, I thought I'd show you a few clear pictures of what I'll eventually be working on.

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