Tuesday, 30 October 2012

WIP: Raptors to Chosen

After the casting of Ahriman's 'Rubric', Sorcerer-Lord Imoda was angered to find that his prized guard of warriors were nothing more than automatons, incapable of matching their former prowess with sword and gun. No matter how hard he willed them to fight, they fought like robots; not the independent warriors they needed to be. It was then Tzeentch spoke to him of former chaos champions; amazing warriors of times before the Emperor was even brought into the universe, yet alone before he left Terra. Tzeentch had lost interest in those damned souls, and the daemon lord offered them to Imoda. 

In a long ritual taking many days and the life-force of scores of slaves, Imoda tore the souls of his former protectors from their armour and cast them into the daemon realm. In their place, the former chaos warlords of those primitive chaos tribes were dragged kicking and screaming into their new bodies; their power armour transforming to represent their baroque ancient ways and hateful personalities. These warlords, angered by their plasteel prisons, but under the spell of Imoda, fight with renewed rage and skill in battle and protect their 'master'. That is until their stars rise again... 

So with that fun little intro, here is proof of my latest tinkering. I've challenged myself with this one, by transforming flying Raptors into 'non-flying' Chosen. The new Raptor kit has so many beautiful parts, and I thought these would make great Chosen models. My only major issue being the legs.

The legs come in 'flying' or 'landing' poses, so a little surgery was in order; making cuts where the thigh joins the hips, and if needed, cutting off the ribbed piping between the two and moving it around. As well as this, they were removed from their 'scenic bases' and added back to them depending on their pose.

Although they still need Greenstuff in the gaps, I feel that the poses achieved so far are more realistic and don't look stupid. One pair (power fist man) was an issue to get standing, so I make it into a pair of running legs.

War-gear wise, I'm letting the 'rule of cool' dictate the majority my choices. My chosen champion will have Lightning Claws and the gift of mutation.

 I have yet to decide the 5th's armament, but the Power Sword on the sprue is calling out to me. All models will have the Mark of Tzeentch, and I may invest in a new Rhino for them to ride around in.

Hopefully I'll update my progress on the Facebook page, so come on over and have a look and a like.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Review: November White Dwarf

It's one thing for a leopard to change its spots, but can it stay changed?  Of course, the leopard in question is White Dwarf. Last month, we saw that WD had 'changed its ways' and become more focused on the hobby, and move away from being an expensive monthly catalogue for the latest flavour of the month. I was greatly impress by their d├ębut issue, but have they kept the new style, or reverted to their old ways?
On first impressions, the new look has stayed. Same smaller size, same glossy text, same shrink-wrap preventing me from delving inside before buying.

It seems that White Dwarf are starting to offer more 'free extras' nowadays. Last month we had the Horus Heresy poster, this week it's a small update booklet for Warriors of Chaos, featuring rules for the new units. It maybe tiny and very thin, but it's still something, and useful for WoC players. Who knows if this will be a new constant feature of White Dwarf, but we can hope.

There is still a bigger focus on useful content. The painting articles are getting better, and are delving into new areas; this month's issue has a very nice guide on salt-weathering (may have to try this...). Now, it is true that you can find this stuff on-line  but there's nothing like a hard-copy of something to refer to. The battle report is WHFB; Chaos v Ogres this month, and of course uses the new 'toys'. Whilst I am sad that there is no 40k report, it's still good to have a detailed, involved report on the magazine.

Design features from Forgeworld are becoming a favourite of mine. The in-depth discussion of the latest projects from the sister-company never ceases to fascinate me. The articles are greatly supported by the pictures, especially showing projects in unfinished stages, which really show the hard work that goes into our models.

All-in-all, I do have to say that the White Dwarf team have really turned the magazine on its head, for the greater good. Here's hoping this doesn't change in the future.

Friday, 26 October 2012

The Fellblade Project: Part Two (New Armour And Reclaimed Parts)

Finally, it cowers before me. See? You don't have to fear us. WE are the true light. WE are the true path. Good, now that you choose to listen, I have friends I would like you to meet. They are very eager to see you, very eager....

Prepare the ritual.... 

After an annoying few days of removing parts and details, it's on to the more fun part, building up the tank's hull.

The first sections to receive treatment are the side track sections. I want them to look much like the units on Forgeworld's upcoming tank; meaning they need to follow the aesthetic of Land Raiders and Rhinos. After a thin plasticard layer was added to clean up the sides, a shaped plate was then glued on top, with an indentation for Rhino Sized doors, should I decide to buy Forgeworld doors. The demonstration door is blu-tacked.
How the panels look pre-installation

The tops have also been redone, as the plasticard used before was very thin, and unsuitable for supporting further layers or having enough strength to hold up to repeated use. They are the same size, just using two layers of thicker plasticard.

The fuel barrels will be reused on this tank. I did notice a while ago that one of them was mounted upside down (upside down skulls) so this is beneficial. They will be mounted at an angle, as demonstrated with blu-tac.

I've also been scouring for parts amongst my collection. I found this Executioner Plasma Cannons, which when halved and painted up like the cannons on my Forgefiend, will make a cool start to some sort of hellfire reactor/engine for the Fellblade.
Just to give you a rough idea, imagine this doubled up and all evil...

Then I found these; spare parts from the Forgefiend. I'm thinking that the power fist covers might look good as a form of weapon cowling for the quad-lascannons, and I might have a use for those Magma Cutters for the reactor.

As normal, come back tomorrow for another post, and good bye for now. Stay around for further updates.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Showcase: The Chaotic League of Super-Friends (I.E. All MY HQ Choices)

Every army has it's leaders, and a number will have two. Over the years, I have created a number of HQ choices, so I thought I'd compile a post showcasing all of them, with some nice fluff, in the hope they will form the new justice league...er....I mean IN-Justice league. Enjoy. Phew....


The chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons has joined forces with the Heralds of Change from time to time, usually to continue his eternal quest to know all. In more recent years, he has been working with the Warband to locate the hidden 'library of the seers'. 

Imoda Tyronus (Main Sorcerer)

Imoda has, even when the Thousand Sons fought for the Emperor, been somewhat of a fanatical pyromaniac. His abilities with Pyromancy are unrivalled within the warband, but perhaps often unchecked. His fiery displays are what the enemy often see before their deaths; a demi god wreathed in multi-coloured fire and anger. He wields to war the 'change bringer', an ancient daemon sword gifted to him by the great god Tzeentch, and a specially designed power fist; a relic of pre-heresy design, which allows psychic energy to run through its circuitry, rather than electricity. 

Ozhmund Khotep (Warpsmith)

 Ozhmund is somewhat untrusted, despite being the biological younger brother of Imhoden Khotep. He is often found in solitude, buried within his workshop, and perhaps this is why; his sorcerous abilities are focused on the machine and not the enemy. He is however a valuable, asset. His expertise with technology is essential for the Heralds of Change to maintain their fleet of heresy-era vehicles, and to keep their valued Contemptor bound veteran prophets alive.

Omhoden Khotep (Disc Sorcerer)

Omhoden is the master of divination, and he scours the battlefields, before the battles even begin, picking up valuable information, more than any scouting party could achieve. He glides over terrain on his prized disc, and in battle displays a magnificent ability to dodge killing blows. He has a somewhat scornful personality, with a deep hatred of the Imperium.

War Adept Demalus (Terminator Sorcerer)

Demalus is a veteran of the pre-primarch days, and is often both looked upon for advice, and mocked for his 'senility'. A valued strategist and sorcerer, he often strikes to battle alongside his Rubric Terminator Bodyguards.

Exhalted Champion Drogar (Count-as Abbadon)

This champion of Tzeench has a somewhat unpredictable nature, so much so that it is rumoured even Tzeentch cannot fathom him. His outbursts of psychicly fueled violence can be just as common as his apparent 'grace', for a chaos space marine. In battle, he always looks for a challenge, often picking out the enemy's champions and leaders for duels, which he has so far always won. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Fellblade Project: Part One (In the Beginning)

"I can hear it. This 'machine spirit' still calls out to its emperor like a wounded wolf, even though its host is nothing more than rust. Poor little thing. It is resisting the daemons and fighting my scrap code. I'm afraid I need to step in..."
-Warpsmith Ozhmund Khotep, of the Thousand Sons, referring to the machine spirit of the captured Fellblade 'Emperor's wrath', found in the heart of the Space hulk 'Hell's spear'.

I have decided to create this new series, to document the progress of my newest, biggest project, a (Chaos) Legion Fellblade. So far, the work has mainly been resource collecting and 'chop shop' work, but it's still progress.

So far, I've removed old plasticard work, as well as the front and rear track plates, exhausts and extras. Some tracks from the rear have been added to the front, since I found out that there weren;t any underneath the panels like I hoped.

The side notches have been a massive pain to remove, but they are all gone now. This will be covered up with spacers and new armour plating.

As well as all this, I found an interesting little trinket in Pound-world to use for the turret. A Christmas bauble. A very big one. For £1, it is the right basic shape, and can obviously be cut to size. 

Hopefully I'll have more to report, and come back tomorrow for my next posting. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

40k for Thought: New Army List

Hello deviant followers.

The armylist is an essential tool in any wargamer. It helps (tries to) prevent cheaters using extra units, and also lets players remember what combinations of wargear and they actually took. They are important in a wargamer's life.

In the light of the new Codex, I thought I'd share with you what list I might think about using in 2500 pt games.


- Chaos Sorcerer (force weapon, power fist, sigil of curruption, spell familiar, mastery 2, mark of Tzeentch, gift of mutation)

-Warpsmith (Burning Brand of Skalathrax, gift of mutation)


-3 Mutilators (Mark of Tzeentch)

-5 Chaos Terminators (Lightning claws, chainfist, 2x combi plasma, mark of tzeentch) with Land raider Dedicated Transport (Warpflame Gargoyles)


-9 Thousand Sons (icon of flame) in rhino

-9 Thousand Sons (icon of flame)

-9 Thousand Sons

-20 Chaos Cultists (Flamer x2, autogun x10)


Helldrake (Hades Autocannon)

5 Chaos Raptors (Melta x2, power weapon, mutation)


Forgefiend (3x Ectoplasma Cannon)

Predator (Autocannon, Lascannon x2, Warpflame Gargoyles)

The general concept of this list is to have something which is both thematic and effective, and drawing on some of the new units. The Forgefiend and Predator provide effective stationary fire. The Warpsmith can either stick back and enact repairs or join a unit and march forward. If it's the latter, he would probably join the Mutilators, who can help tank some of the damage which will inevitably come his way. his burning brand will be very useful in pre-charge shooting phases.

The Helldrake and my Raptors are the fast elements of this list. The Helldrake gives me effective air support and anti-air support, and will focus on tougher units and vehicles. The Raptors can help give an earlier charge, and will use the cover of vehicles and terrain, jumping out to attack with their meltaguns.

The Lank raider (full of terminators) and Rhino-mounted Thousand Sons are my mobile units. These two will bring the fight to the enemy; the terminators will be the heavy hitters, with the other unit of Thousand Sons providing cover. The Land raider will have an anti-armour role, but can help kill infantry, with help from its Warpflame Gargoyles. The rhino will take cover behind the bigger battle-tank until it is close enough.

The other units, my troops, are all about objectives. The cultist unit can either act as a massive objective guard, or as a distraction, because its size can still be intimidating.

Finally, it isn't a Thousand Sons army without Thousand Sons and Sorcerers. Their role is to act as objective holders, and to focus on infantry/elite units. Depending of power rolls, they will have some anti tank capabilities as well, but they will generally focus on any scoring units nearby. The HQ  sorcerer's power fist will be a valuable anti-armour item, and if I roll 'fiery form', I am all but guaranteed an armour kill, which was unthinkable last edition.

Hopefully this post will give you an insight into the direction of my army under the new codex. I might also attempt army lists using other units  including allies and fortifications, which I will share with you all. I also would like to thank people, as I have now reached 70 likes on the Facebook page. You have been great to me, and I am forever thankful for your continued support of this blog. May we continue to prosper.

 This also means that voting has now closed, and the 'winning' project is a Fellblade. I should hope to get started tomorrow, providing the soulforge can be widened to fit the super-heavy chassis in the workshop...

Saturday, 20 October 2012

WIP: Gaming Table 2.0 (Part Six)

Although much of the focus on the blog recently has been on the new Chaos Space Marines codex, I have managed to fit in a little bit of terrain work.

I finally got around to buying a coloured spray for my buildings. It would have been simple madness to have hand painted the larger buildings, even the small ones. I'm sure I would have ended up crazy...well, crazier, when they were finished.

The colour used is Army Painter's 'desert yellow'. Yellow is the key word. I felt at first that it is perhaps too yellow, but after applying more colours and shades to the lascannon turret of my Bastion (see below) that it will do just fine. I will apply the washes to the rest of the bastion soon, as well as paint the brass icons and weapons

The first test subject was my bastion. As mentioned, I wasn't entirely happy with the base colour, but it certainly improves as I add more. The lascannon has had a Devlan Mud wash, with an additional Badab Black wash on the gun barrel and metals. This had helped tone down the 'yellowness' of the spray coat. I also sponged Vallejo Charred Brown on the diamond plate roof and the gun, to show general wear and tear.

The energy coil was painted Temple guard  Blue, followed by Sybarite Green, a Beil-Tan Green wash, and more Sybarite green, gradually mixing my way up to white. I chose this colour to show it is an imperial weapon, not a chaos influenced one....yet.

Hopefully, after this relatively successful experiment, I can get through my buildings at a much faster pace.

Notice anything different? Come to the Facebook page to find out.
As a side not, if you haven;t been on the Facebook page, I'm holding a poll to let you, my readers, choose my next project (using a Baneblade). Click on Ahriman, come vote, and while you are there, like the page. The faster I get to 70 likes, the quicker I can start on the super-heavy tank. Also, you'll find out who or what that model is in the Bastion tower.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Showcase: Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend

"The Daemons of steel will rise from the mountains. Great beasts, that do not look like the machines that they are. That's because, they aren't just machines. They house entities that terrify the most battle-hardened veteran, they have armour which knits itself back together like a man recovers from a wound. Their shots scream with the unholy agony of a thousand souls. They are death's pack animals, and even the emperor cannot save you."

-Preaching of the Mad Deacon Ivanatis of Ragnor V, executed for heretical doom-saying, one week before the emergence of the Dark Mechanicus from Ragnor V's largest mountain range.

I'm sure that the above prose gave away that today's showcase features a daemon engine. It does: the Forgefiend to be specific (for those interested in the kit review, click HERE).

The model follows the scheme of the army, bar one change; its main trim colour is gold, not yellow. Gold is normally reserved for my champions and heroes, but I felt that yellow on this model might be too garish. Plus, gold is good, Gold is shiny.

The model also uses red/yellow plasma, which I haven't done properly before. If you want to know how I did it, here is a small step-by-step guide:

  • Basecoat Machrite red
  • Layer: Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Layer: Troll Slayer Orange
  • Layer: Troll Slayer Orange/Flash Gitz Yellow (1:1 ratio)
  • Wash: Carroburrg Crimson
  • Layer: Troll Slayer Orange/Flash Gitz Yellow (1:2 ratio)
  • Layer: Flash Gitz Yellow
  • Layer Flash Gitz Yellow/white (2:1 ratio)
Many stages, but surely the results speak for themselves. Considering it is the first time doing this colour of plasma weaponry, I am extremely happy with the results.

Now of course, you want to see more. To finish off, here are some more pictures for you to enjoy. 
The Mark of Tzeentch has been added to the chaotic effigy upon its carapace

A face only a Horror's mother could love

The Forgefiend with its Warpsmith 'handler'

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Announcement: Choose My Project

Hello minions.

I felt the need to create this mini-post, to announce my next big project.

I have one Baneblade Chassis (sans upper hull and turret) and I'm letting, you, my followers, decide what it will be. There is a poll to vote on the Facebook Page, and I'm giving people until I reach 70 likes, or December, whichever comes first.

Currently the options are:

  • Legion Fellblade
  • Legion Falchion (count-as shadowsword/stormblade)
  • Gorgon
  • Dominus siege bombard
If you wish, you can also add any additional ideas to the poll

So, if you can, vote on the page, and also like it while you're there. Do come back tomorrow, where you will find a full-length post, which may or may not feature a completed Forgefiend.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chaotic Marines and Deviant Astartes Part Five: Battle Time

So, after looking at how the new codex feels and looks, how does it play? After a small game, I can tell you, in the form of a fun little chaos v chaos battle report  Each side is a variation of an old list, using new gear and units from the shiny new codex.

Thousand Sons (your's truly)
HQ-Sorcerer (Mastery 2, force sword, power fist, gift of mutation (Hammer of wrath), sigil of corruption, spell familiar. Rolled fiery form and sunburst powers). 

TROOPS-10 cultists (autoguns), 20 cultists (autogun/pistol mix, flamer), 9 Chaos Marines (power sword, rhino)

FAST ATTACK-5 Raptors (Meltagun x2, power maul)

Heavy Support-Forgefiend (3x ectoplasma cannon)

Slaaneshi rock cult (Girlfriend's force)

HQ-Chaos Lord (plasma pistol, power sword, mark of Slaanesh, gift of mutation (fleet), meltabombs)

ELITE-Hellbrute (power fist, multi-melta)

TROOPS-5 noise marines (4x sonic blasters, doom siren), 10 Chaos Marines (missile launcher, flamer, power fist)

FAST ATTACK-Helldrake (hades autocannon), 4 bikers (mark of Slaanesh, lightning claw)

Sons at the bottom, rock band at the top
The Battle: Dawn of war, Purge the Alien (Kill-points)

The rock cult, gaining the first turn, made a simple line deployment, with the Hellbrute on the right side, supporting the noise marines and lord. The Helldrake was held in reserve. The Thousand Sons made a similar deployment. All the cultists were deployed on the left, with the Raptors hiding behind. The rhino and Forgefiend took cover behind the bastion, in preparation for any lucky shots (which happens often). They fail to steal the initiative.

Turn one

The whole force of slaaneshi followers surge forwards, bar the noise marines, who take aim from the ruined building. The bikers open fire with their twin-linked bolters, cutting down a pair of madness-induced cultists, who were unaware of the explosive volley of shells. The ten man unit also fires into the cult, taking down another two. The Hellbrute, in a fit of anger, fires its multi-melta at the Thousand Son's rhino, missing it completely. The Noise marines find out they are out of range, but stay put.

The Thousand Sons begin their turn. The rhino, bearing the nine man unit and the Sorcerer, darts forward, launching a cloud of smoke in front of it. The Raptors fly over the much slower cultist units towards the bikes. The Forgefiend stomps forward, and roars in defiance at the opposing, now minuscule Hellbrute. However, all three of its shots fail to hit the target and scatter widely. The small cultist unit takes aim upon the bikers, but their autoguns fail to damage the giant bikers. However, melta fire from the Raptors takes down one. The group still holds their ground. The large cult causes a few casualties to the Chaos Marine unit.

The Raptors attempt to charge the unit, but are effortlessly cut down in combat, thanks to the higher initiative of the slaaneshi cult members. The bike champion is blessed with the witch-eater skill.

Turn Two

Start or turn two
Screams of a tormented beast fill the air as the Helldrake arrives from reserves. Roaring autocannon fire erupts from its maw, and removes two hull points from the ForgeFiend. The bikers, victorious in their combat, bring down four cultists from the large mob. The Hellbrute takes aim at the Rhino, and easily wrecks the light transport. The unit that was inside takes cover from the noise marines, who thankfully fail to kill anyone behind the tank.
The Chaos Marines take cover behind their wrecked transport

The over-confident bikes attempt to charge the cultist unit, but fail to make it through the terrain. They also loose one of their number from the amount of reactionary fire coming their way.

This tuwn, Tzeentch really looks upon his chosen. The sorcerer successfully casts Fiery Form, meaning that the now Strength ten character chooses to move towards the Hellbrute. The combined fire of both cultist units wipe out the bike squad, whilst the Forgefiend blasts away four Chaos Marines.

In the combat phase  the Sorcerer and squad charge the Hellbrute. The metal beast crushes one marine, whilst the rest remove a hull point with krak charges. Now it's time for the sorcerer to strike. Lifting his flaming power glove high, he strikes the monster at its core, completely destroying the armoured front, and crushing the fleshy half-human inside the sarcophagus.

Turn Three

The Helldrake continues preying upon the Forgefiend. Going into skimmer mode, it glides behind the beast and shoots at the back armour, causing the Forgefiend to explode in a greeny-blue fireball of daemonic energy. The Remnants of the Chaos Marine squad hold their ground, as their missile operator loads a krak missile, which takes out three cultists. The noise marines again fail to take out any chaos marines.
The noise champion faces off against the all powerful sorcerer

The Sorcerer readies Fiery Form again, and makes headways towards the noise marines. He attempts Sunbust, but it fails to cause any wounds or blind the unit. The cultists are lucky in their fire, and manage to take out the power fist wielding champion, whose fellow chaos marines failed to protect. The sorcerer and unit charge the noise marines, losing one to reaction fire. The sorcerer issues a challenge, which the noise champion is forced to accept. The lowly champion fails to wound the Sorcerer, who smashes the noise marine to paste. The gods favour him, and he receives a Hatred of all life.

Turn Four
The Start of Turn Four

with few units left, the chaos lord pulls out a few final tricks. He challenges the chaos sorcerer, who is cut down by the noise lord's astonishing speed. Slaanesh rewards him with Fleshbane. The Helldrake, now out of big prey, begins gunning down cultists, but only takes out one.

The Thousand Sons cults line up for a final barrage, and finish off the Chaos Marine Squad.The Chaos Marines and lord do minimal damage to one another.

Turn five

This is the final moments of the battle, and very little is acheived. The Helldrake kills another cultist, whilst the combat with the lord continues.

The Results

Slaaneshi rock cult: 3 killpoints, in enemy deployment, 1st blood, slay the warlord=6 points
Thousand Sons: 4 Kill points, in enemy deployment=5 points

Winner: Slaaneshi Rock cult.

Well this was very close. Although I lost, it does show the capabilities of the new units, and how new elements and mechanics of this new codex have changed the way in which Chaos Space Marines can be played