Tuesday, 23 October 2012

40k for Thought: New Army List

Hello deviant followers.

The armylist is an essential tool in any wargamer. It helps (tries to) prevent cheaters using extra units, and also lets players remember what combinations of wargear and they actually took. They are important in a wargamer's life.

In the light of the new Codex, I thought I'd share with you what list I might think about using in 2500 pt games.


- Chaos Sorcerer (force weapon, power fist, sigil of curruption, spell familiar, mastery 2, mark of Tzeentch, gift of mutation)

-Warpsmith (Burning Brand of Skalathrax, gift of mutation)


-3 Mutilators (Mark of Tzeentch)

-5 Chaos Terminators (Lightning claws, chainfist, 2x combi plasma, mark of tzeentch) with Land raider Dedicated Transport (Warpflame Gargoyles)


-9 Thousand Sons (icon of flame) in rhino

-9 Thousand Sons (icon of flame)

-9 Thousand Sons

-20 Chaos Cultists (Flamer x2, autogun x10)


Helldrake (Hades Autocannon)

5 Chaos Raptors (Melta x2, power weapon, mutation)


Forgefiend (3x Ectoplasma Cannon)

Predator (Autocannon, Lascannon x2, Warpflame Gargoyles)

The general concept of this list is to have something which is both thematic and effective, and drawing on some of the new units. The Forgefiend and Predator provide effective stationary fire. The Warpsmith can either stick back and enact repairs or join a unit and march forward. If it's the latter, he would probably join the Mutilators, who can help tank some of the damage which will inevitably come his way. his burning brand will be very useful in pre-charge shooting phases.

The Helldrake and my Raptors are the fast elements of this list. The Helldrake gives me effective air support and anti-air support, and will focus on tougher units and vehicles. The Raptors can help give an earlier charge, and will use the cover of vehicles and terrain, jumping out to attack with their meltaguns.

The Lank raider (full of terminators) and Rhino-mounted Thousand Sons are my mobile units. These two will bring the fight to the enemy; the terminators will be the heavy hitters, with the other unit of Thousand Sons providing cover. The Land raider will have an anti-armour role, but can help kill infantry, with help from its Warpflame Gargoyles. The rhino will take cover behind the bigger battle-tank until it is close enough.

The other units, my troops, are all about objectives. The cultist unit can either act as a massive objective guard, or as a distraction, because its size can still be intimidating.

Finally, it isn't a Thousand Sons army without Thousand Sons and Sorcerers. Their role is to act as objective holders, and to focus on infantry/elite units. Depending of power rolls, they will have some anti tank capabilities as well, but they will generally focus on any scoring units nearby. The HQ  sorcerer's power fist will be a valuable anti-armour item, and if I roll 'fiery form', I am all but guaranteed an armour kill, which was unthinkable last edition.

Hopefully this post will give you an insight into the direction of my army under the new codex. I might also attempt army lists using other units  including allies and fortifications, which I will share with you all. I also would like to thank people, as I have now reached 70 likes on the Facebook page. You have been great to me, and I am forever thankful for your continued support of this blog. May we continue to prosper.

 This also means that voting has now closed, and the 'winning' project is a Fellblade. I should hope to get started tomorrow, providing the soulforge can be widened to fit the super-heavy chassis in the workshop...


  1. Its nice to see someone playing Tzeentch marines on the blogosphere, I haven't seen anyone else running rubrics and it makes me sad. I don't personally play with them (although I have a bag with a few of the metal upgrade kids and the aspiring sorcerer) yet, but I'm planning on eventually adding some to my lists when I'm done with my current core army.

  2. Pretty cool stuff. Forgefiend is huge!

    You should consider entering my Chaos Space Marines Hobby Challenge!