Thursday, 11 October 2012

Chaotic Marines and Deviant Astartes Part Three: Army Lists

With each new codex, there is a shift in many unit's abilities, options and points values. We may even have entirely new options and combinations to utilise in games.

Inside the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines, a number of units have got cheaper, whilst a few have gone up in price by a fraction. So how has this affected an army list? Well, to demonstrate this, I've created two 1500 point lists: one uses the 5th edition codex, and the second uses the 6th edition, see if you can spot the difference:

List One (5th edition codex):

ELITE 1-5 Terminators-2x combi-plasma, 1x chainfist, champion, lightning claws
ELITE 2-Dreadnought-extra combat weapon
TROOP 1-9 Thousand Sons-doombolt sorcerer
TROOP 2-9 Thousand Sons-doombolt sorcerer
FAST ATTACK-7 Raptors-2x meltagun, champion, power weapon
HEAVY SUPPORT 2-Predator-autocannon, 2x lascannons

List Two (6th edition codex)

ELITE 1-5 Terminators-2x combi-plasma, 1x chainfist, lightning claws (champ), Mark of Tzeentch, Land Raider (dedicated transport), warpflame gargoyles
ELITE 2-Hellbrute-extra power fist, 2x combi bolter
TROOP 1-9 Thousand Sons-icon of flame
TROOP 2-9 Thousand Sons-icon of flame
FAST ATTACK-7 Raptors-2x meltagun, champion, power weapon, gift of mutation
HEAVY SUPPORT 1-Predator-autocannon, 2x lascannons, warpflame gargoyles

As you can see, both lists contain the same units, but with the new codex, I can afford so much more war-gear. In this example list, this is mainly due to Thousand Sons sorcerers getting their powers free now, as opposed to expensive forced purchases. Both my troops and my tanks, through new options, have the Soulblaze rule, meaning the chance to cause more damage to infantry units. My raptor champion also has the often beneficial gift of mutation, which is a welcome boost to the unit. The terminators received some extra defence capabilities, with their mark of Tzeentch.

Although I do not intend to use this list, it is a good demonstration of how chaos space marine players can now afford more for less. I will at some stage post a list I intend to use at 1850 point games, and discuss my changes with you, my ever faithful followers.


  1. This was a great way to demonstrate the changes in pricing. I imagine you're considering more troops for your 6th 3ed list. Lord knows rolling up the 6 random point values objectives mission is a kick in the pants when you have 2 scoring units!

    1. Indeed, this was a simple proof of concept :) I've been testing how well a 20 man mixed weapon cultist squad works. Does a good job of being distracting, or as objective holders if they take to cover. Might possibly use a third sons unit in bigger games :P

    2. Comparing my khorne lists in a similar way, with similar results! Have cut my berserker units from 10 man to 8 man squads in order to stretch them for objective taking!(A bit of eight fold path fluff inspired the change but it helps tactically even if it leaves then 8 attacks down on the charge!) I have equipped a champion with a power scourge, honestly, check it out! I couldn't believe its available and for power weapon pricing!

    3. Sounds good :D

      One thing though....your champion can't have a scourge, I believe its a dreadnought/defiler only weapon, since regular guys can only have swords, axes, lances or mauls :P

      Only appears in hellbrute and defiler options as specific gear :P