Saturday, 13 October 2012

Chaotic Marines and Deviant Astartes Part Four: Kit Review- Forgefiend/Maulerfiend Box Set

Welcome back to my chaotic and deviant mini series. In today's post, I'll be opening up the soulforges and releasing the daemonic-metallic constructions into the universe. In other words, here are my thoughts on the new Forgefiend/Maulerfiend kit released by Games Workshop, for the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

This kit, like many of GW's more recent kits, is a dual build kit, meaning you can choose to make your model in a number of variations. The kit comes on two sprues, with a large oval base and doubled up instruction book (Forgefiend at the front, Maulerfiend at the back, upside down too, so you don't get too confused).

The kit is relatively easy to put together. Many of the sections have a 'one way only' way of going together, and GW's computer generated pictorial instructions are very helpful, often showing the model from multiple angles and alerting you of options.

One thing I will warn you of is the individual feet. Keep an eye out for any slippages, as the feet can sometimes slip from the ball joint due to the weight of the body. One of the hind legs on my kit did this, but thankfully it was an easy fix part cover-up.

When I got to the arms, I had the insane idea to magnetise them; in case I wanted to use the brutal sounding Hades Autocannons. Magnetising the weapons? Fine, a simple job really. The joints? Utter hell. It would have been so much easier with peg joints, but the kit uses ball joints. In the end, I simply cut the ball in half and attached the magnet to the flattened surface. I will reinforce these at a later point, since I have already had one get pulled off through magnetic force alone, even though I use fairly strong glue. Rare earth magnets are a powerful thing...

Here is the beast thus far. The one arm was painted to demonstrate my paint scheme with this monster. I will of course post a finished version at a later stage, with many nice pictures, and possible inclusion in a battle report. Overall, it is a lovely kit, but beware of the feet, and make sure to follow the instructions, unless you're daring. Stay tuned on Facebook and this Dakka thread to keep up with my progress.

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  1. Its always beneficial to magnetise options but i often find with a themed army, khorne in this case, i'll have the same build over and over as its the fluffiest loadout for my force! I hope to see your forgefiend in december matt, keep up the good work!