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Chaotic Marines and Deviant Astartes Part Five: Battle Time

So, after looking at how the new codex feels and looks, how does it play? After a small game, I can tell you, in the form of a fun little chaos v chaos battle report  Each side is a variation of an old list, using new gear and units from the shiny new codex.

Thousand Sons (your's truly)
HQ-Sorcerer (Mastery 2, force sword, power fist, gift of mutation (Hammer of wrath), sigil of corruption, spell familiar. Rolled fiery form and sunburst powers). 

TROOPS-10 cultists (autoguns), 20 cultists (autogun/pistol mix, flamer), 9 Chaos Marines (power sword, rhino)

FAST ATTACK-5 Raptors (Meltagun x2, power maul)

Heavy Support-Forgefiend (3x ectoplasma cannon)

Slaaneshi rock cult (Girlfriend's force)

HQ-Chaos Lord (plasma pistol, power sword, mark of Slaanesh, gift of mutation (fleet), meltabombs)

ELITE-Hellbrute (power fist, multi-melta)

TROOPS-5 noise marines (4x sonic blasters, doom siren), 10 Chaos Marines (missile launcher, flamer, power fist)

FAST ATTACK-Helldrake (hades autocannon), 4 bikers (mark of Slaanesh, lightning claw)

Sons at the bottom, rock band at the top
The Battle: Dawn of war, Purge the Alien (Kill-points)

The rock cult, gaining the first turn, made a simple line deployment, with the Hellbrute on the right side, supporting the noise marines and lord. The Helldrake was held in reserve. The Thousand Sons made a similar deployment. All the cultists were deployed on the left, with the Raptors hiding behind. The rhino and Forgefiend took cover behind the bastion, in preparation for any lucky shots (which happens often). They fail to steal the initiative.

Turn one

The whole force of slaaneshi followers surge forwards, bar the noise marines, who take aim from the ruined building. The bikers open fire with their twin-linked bolters, cutting down a pair of madness-induced cultists, who were unaware of the explosive volley of shells. The ten man unit also fires into the cult, taking down another two. The Hellbrute, in a fit of anger, fires its multi-melta at the Thousand Son's rhino, missing it completely. The Noise marines find out they are out of range, but stay put.

The Thousand Sons begin their turn. The rhino, bearing the nine man unit and the Sorcerer, darts forward, launching a cloud of smoke in front of it. The Raptors fly over the much slower cultist units towards the bikes. The Forgefiend stomps forward, and roars in defiance at the opposing, now minuscule Hellbrute. However, all three of its shots fail to hit the target and scatter widely. The small cultist unit takes aim upon the bikers, but their autoguns fail to damage the giant bikers. However, melta fire from the Raptors takes down one. The group still holds their ground. The large cult causes a few casualties to the Chaos Marine unit.

The Raptors attempt to charge the unit, but are effortlessly cut down in combat, thanks to the higher initiative of the slaaneshi cult members. The bike champion is blessed with the witch-eater skill.

Turn Two

Start or turn two
Screams of a tormented beast fill the air as the Helldrake arrives from reserves. Roaring autocannon fire erupts from its maw, and removes two hull points from the ForgeFiend. The bikers, victorious in their combat, bring down four cultists from the large mob. The Hellbrute takes aim at the Rhino, and easily wrecks the light transport. The unit that was inside takes cover from the noise marines, who thankfully fail to kill anyone behind the tank.
The Chaos Marines take cover behind their wrecked transport

The over-confident bikes attempt to charge the cultist unit, but fail to make it through the terrain. They also loose one of their number from the amount of reactionary fire coming their way.

This tuwn, Tzeentch really looks upon his chosen. The sorcerer successfully casts Fiery Form, meaning that the now Strength ten character chooses to move towards the Hellbrute. The combined fire of both cultist units wipe out the bike squad, whilst the Forgefiend blasts away four Chaos Marines.

In the combat phase  the Sorcerer and squad charge the Hellbrute. The metal beast crushes one marine, whilst the rest remove a hull point with krak charges. Now it's time for the sorcerer to strike. Lifting his flaming power glove high, he strikes the monster at its core, completely destroying the armoured front, and crushing the fleshy half-human inside the sarcophagus.

Turn Three

The Helldrake continues preying upon the Forgefiend. Going into skimmer mode, it glides behind the beast and shoots at the back armour, causing the Forgefiend to explode in a greeny-blue fireball of daemonic energy. The Remnants of the Chaos Marine squad hold their ground, as their missile operator loads a krak missile, which takes out three cultists. The noise marines again fail to take out any chaos marines.
The noise champion faces off against the all powerful sorcerer

The Sorcerer readies Fiery Form again, and makes headways towards the noise marines. He attempts Sunbust, but it fails to cause any wounds or blind the unit. The cultists are lucky in their fire, and manage to take out the power fist wielding champion, whose fellow chaos marines failed to protect. The sorcerer and unit charge the noise marines, losing one to reaction fire. The sorcerer issues a challenge, which the noise champion is forced to accept. The lowly champion fails to wound the Sorcerer, who smashes the noise marine to paste. The gods favour him, and he receives a Hatred of all life.

Turn Four
The Start of Turn Four

with few units left, the chaos lord pulls out a few final tricks. He challenges the chaos sorcerer, who is cut down by the noise lord's astonishing speed. Slaanesh rewards him with Fleshbane. The Helldrake, now out of big prey, begins gunning down cultists, but only takes out one.

The Thousand Sons cults line up for a final barrage, and finish off the Chaos Marine Squad.The Chaos Marines and lord do minimal damage to one another.

Turn five

This is the final moments of the battle, and very little is acheived. The Helldrake kills another cultist, whilst the combat with the lord continues.

The Results

Slaaneshi rock cult: 3 killpoints, in enemy deployment, 1st blood, slay the warlord=6 points
Thousand Sons: 4 Kill points, in enemy deployment=5 points

Winner: Slaaneshi Rock cult.

Well this was very close. Although I lost, it does show the capabilities of the new units, and how new elements and mechanics of this new codex have changed the way in which Chaos Space Marines can be played

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