Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Chaotic Marines and Deviant Astartes Part Two: The New Toys

Every time a new codex is released, we are always interested in the new toys; the shiny, impressive additions which change how we can build our army lists and how me model them. Alongside new units, we have new war gear: weapons, artefacts and armour which can open several new customisation routes.

Two recent additions to the Thousand Sons from the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines have been a Hellsmith and a Forgefiend, one of Games Workshops newest kits.

First off, the Hellsmith. For too long I've wanted the ability to fix vehicles, and my dark prayers have been answered. The Hellsmith has some nifty bonus, such as cursing terrain and vehicles, alongside fixing his own. With this, he has access to some interesting weaponry. My new favourite of which is the Burning Brand of Skalathrax: a flamer with a bonus `12" range (Torrent), AP3 and Soul Blaze. In both practice games, he did an amazing job of burning Space Marines.

Now I didn't have enough fund spare to purchase the £18 official model on top of the other stuff, so I built my own. Basing it off an old metal Techmarine, I added chaos spares, daemon spares, and enough cabling to embarass the Golden Gate Bridge. As those with keen eyes may notice, I have also swapped the bolt pistol, as shown before, for a Burning Brand, which I am representing with a heavy flamer taken from the Tartaros Terminator Forgeworld kit.

I feel that this is a great tribute to the concept of a merged human, machine and daemon enitity, and has a brutual feel in its posing and size. Expect semi painted pictures on the Facebook page later on today, and a full showcase at some point in the next week or so.

Next up: the Forgefiend. I love this model, and it is a pleasant change from vehicles which come across as 'space marines with spikes'. The head I choose reminds me much of one of the daemonic characters from the Xbox360 game Brutal Legend (Pictured below). Generally speaking, it was simple kit to put together, although the individual feet were a pain to align and get to stick.

In-game, it is a fun, if volatile, model which has plenty of destructive capability, even to itself. In its very first game, it managed to destroy itself through gets hot rolls alone from its three Ectoplasma Cannons, which 2/3 of the time overheated. No damage from the enemy, just its own excessive bad luck. Thankfully this wore off in the following game, where it took a heavy toll on the enemy.

As well as these, there will be a Helldrake making an appearance  once the correct summoning rituals are performed (i.e. when it's been un-boxed).


  1. Love the warpsmith, I'm planning to make one as well, but I was planning to use a servo arm and backpack kit that comes from one of the bits companies. My goal currently is to go till december without purchasing any of the new kits. Then I'll get myself what I want (2 boxes of Dark Vengeance, 2 Forgefiend boxes and a Heldrake). Oh and Huron, loving his new stats.

    1. Awesome :D You should come and show any WIPs on the Facebook page :) -PAM

    2. I'm considering purchasing the warpsmith to convert and begins a small iron hands force... Not sure on the helldrake at all kit wise, but the spares from the forge/mauler kit will defo come in useful for some other projects!