Saturday, 27 October 2012

Review: November White Dwarf

It's one thing for a leopard to change its spots, but can it stay changed?  Of course, the leopard in question is White Dwarf. Last month, we saw that WD had 'changed its ways' and become more focused on the hobby, and move away from being an expensive monthly catalogue for the latest flavour of the month. I was greatly impress by their d├ębut issue, but have they kept the new style, or reverted to their old ways?
On first impressions, the new look has stayed. Same smaller size, same glossy text, same shrink-wrap preventing me from delving inside before buying.

It seems that White Dwarf are starting to offer more 'free extras' nowadays. Last month we had the Horus Heresy poster, this week it's a small update booklet for Warriors of Chaos, featuring rules for the new units. It maybe tiny and very thin, but it's still something, and useful for WoC players. Who knows if this will be a new constant feature of White Dwarf, but we can hope.

There is still a bigger focus on useful content. The painting articles are getting better, and are delving into new areas; this month's issue has a very nice guide on salt-weathering (may have to try this...). Now, it is true that you can find this stuff on-line  but there's nothing like a hard-copy of something to refer to. The battle report is WHFB; Chaos v Ogres this month, and of course uses the new 'toys'. Whilst I am sad that there is no 40k report, it's still good to have a detailed, involved report on the magazine.

Design features from Forgeworld are becoming a favourite of mine. The in-depth discussion of the latest projects from the sister-company never ceases to fascinate me. The articles are greatly supported by the pictures, especially showing projects in unfinished stages, which really show the hard work that goes into our models.

All-in-all, I do have to say that the White Dwarf team have really turned the magazine on its head, for the greater good. Here's hoping this doesn't change in the future.

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