Thursday, 25 October 2012

Showcase: The Chaotic League of Super-Friends (I.E. All MY HQ Choices)

Every army has it's leaders, and a number will have two. Over the years, I have created a number of HQ choices, so I thought I'd compile a post showcasing all of them, with some nice fluff, in the hope they will form the new justice mean IN-Justice league. Enjoy. Phew....


The chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons has joined forces with the Heralds of Change from time to time, usually to continue his eternal quest to know all. In more recent years, he has been working with the Warband to locate the hidden 'library of the seers'. 

Imoda Tyronus (Main Sorcerer)

Imoda has, even when the Thousand Sons fought for the Emperor, been somewhat of a fanatical pyromaniac. His abilities with Pyromancy are unrivalled within the warband, but perhaps often unchecked. His fiery displays are what the enemy often see before their deaths; a demi god wreathed in multi-coloured fire and anger. He wields to war the 'change bringer', an ancient daemon sword gifted to him by the great god Tzeentch, and a specially designed power fist; a relic of pre-heresy design, which allows psychic energy to run through its circuitry, rather than electricity. 

Ozhmund Khotep (Warpsmith)

 Ozhmund is somewhat untrusted, despite being the biological younger brother of Imhoden Khotep. He is often found in solitude, buried within his workshop, and perhaps this is why; his sorcerous abilities are focused on the machine and not the enemy. He is however a valuable, asset. His expertise with technology is essential for the Heralds of Change to maintain their fleet of heresy-era vehicles, and to keep their valued Contemptor bound veteran prophets alive.

Omhoden Khotep (Disc Sorcerer)

Omhoden is the master of divination, and he scours the battlefields, before the battles even begin, picking up valuable information, more than any scouting party could achieve. He glides over terrain on his prized disc, and in battle displays a magnificent ability to dodge killing blows. He has a somewhat scornful personality, with a deep hatred of the Imperium.

War Adept Demalus (Terminator Sorcerer)

Demalus is a veteran of the pre-primarch days, and is often both looked upon for advice, and mocked for his 'senility'. A valued strategist and sorcerer, he often strikes to battle alongside his Rubric Terminator Bodyguards.

Exhalted Champion Drogar (Count-as Abbadon)

This champion of Tzeench has a somewhat unpredictable nature, so much so that it is rumoured even Tzeentch cannot fathom him. His outbursts of psychicly fueled violence can be just as common as his apparent 'grace', for a chaos space marine. In battle, he always looks for a challenge, often picking out the enemy's champions and leaders for duels, which he has so far always won. 

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