Thursday, 4 October 2012

Showcase: Flamers of Tzeentch

In contrast to Tuesday's post, featuring a combat ready, realistic Leman Russ, today's post features colours, bright and vibrant, and form entities of Tzeentch's essence: the Flamers.

 For these guys, I wanted to go for something that represents the bright, anarchic ways of the god of magic. I used several washes of Beil-Tan Green to build up the daemonic fires.

The bodies were also a great place to practice blending and multiple flesh colours. The body, from top to bottom, starts with Liche purple, moving down to Temple Guard Blue, before a final blend into a near-white colour at the bottom. This helps them stand out from the horrors, which use more human-flesh colours.

Although they have no in-game use at this moment, I'm hoping that the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines will give me some options for them, even if they are familiars for my sorcerers. They will, in whatever form, make a striking unit on the battlefield

And this brings me onto my final point. From Saturday, I'll be posting a new mini-series, entitled: "Chaotic Marines and Devious Astartes", and will cover numerous aspect on how I (and you) can adapt to the new codex, and will include a codex review to begin, followed by tactical articles, army-list concepts, building guides for the new kits and much more. So if the inner heretic is suggesting you come back and check the posts out, listen to them...

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