Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Showcase: Modified Renegade Leman Russ

With so much focus on my Chaos Space Marines, in preparation for their new codex, I thought it would be nice to show you something from their oft un-thanked allies, the renegade imperials.

This is one of two Leman Russes I'll be running as an allied Heavy Support choice, and it is armed with a Battle Cannon, Heavy Bolter and a Heavy Stubber. I wanted something that looked a bit antiquated and forgotten; something which feels outdated, but is more than a fight for any other battle tank.

To achieve this, I added makeshift extra armour to the front and back of the tank, and replace the front viewing port with a more armoured version from a Chimera. The back also received a pair of trench rails, inspired by Forgeworld's attempt and historical examples.

I also felt the need to give some realism to the tank, and so I added combat supplies, tow hooks, jerry cans, spare running gear and forward lamps.

For the paint scheme, I wanted to achieve the look of an old tank, vandalised by chaos cults and pressed into service. I went for a desert camo scheme, with plenty of wear and tear, such as rust and paint chipping. Chaotic graffiti was painted on in Vallejo Brown and Calgar blue, depending on the symbols.

The chaos runes started off as Kommando Khaki, and were highlighted with Bleached Bone. The main gun's barrel has had burn marking applied, using black paint.  After this, the whole tank received a heavy dusting of sand pigments to simulate a long combat history in the deserts.

This metal beast is now more than ready to bring ruination to the Imperium, as well as any other threats.

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