Saturday, 20 October 2012

WIP: Gaming Table 2.0 (Part Six)

Although much of the focus on the blog recently has been on the new Chaos Space Marines codex, I have managed to fit in a little bit of terrain work.

I finally got around to buying a coloured spray for my buildings. It would have been simple madness to have hand painted the larger buildings, even the small ones. I'm sure I would have ended up crazy...well, crazier, when they were finished.

The colour used is Army Painter's 'desert yellow'. Yellow is the key word. I felt at first that it is perhaps too yellow, but after applying more colours and shades to the lascannon turret of my Bastion (see below) that it will do just fine. I will apply the washes to the rest of the bastion soon, as well as paint the brass icons and weapons

The first test subject was my bastion. As mentioned, I wasn't entirely happy with the base colour, but it certainly improves as I add more. The lascannon has had a Devlan Mud wash, with an additional Badab Black wash on the gun barrel and metals. This had helped tone down the 'yellowness' of the spray coat. I also sponged Vallejo Charred Brown on the diamond plate roof and the gun, to show general wear and tear.

The energy coil was painted Temple guard  Blue, followed by Sybarite Green, a Beil-Tan Green wash, and more Sybarite green, gradually mixing my way up to white. I chose this colour to show it is an imperial weapon, not a chaos influenced one....yet.

Hopefully, after this relatively successful experiment, I can get through my buildings at a much faster pace.

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As a side not, if you haven;t been on the Facebook page, I'm holding a poll to let you, my readers, choose my next project (using a Baneblade). Click on Ahriman, come vote, and while you are there, like the page. The faster I get to 70 likes, the quicker I can start on the super-heavy tank. Also, you'll find out who or what that model is in the Bastion tower.

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