Tuesday, 30 October 2012

WIP: Raptors to Chosen

After the casting of Ahriman's 'Rubric', Sorcerer-Lord Imoda was angered to find that his prized guard of warriors were nothing more than automatons, incapable of matching their former prowess with sword and gun. No matter how hard he willed them to fight, they fought like robots; not the independent warriors they needed to be. It was then Tzeentch spoke to him of former chaos champions; amazing warriors of times before the Emperor was even brought into the universe, yet alone before he left Terra. Tzeentch had lost interest in those damned souls, and the daemon lord offered them to Imoda. 

In a long ritual taking many days and the life-force of scores of slaves, Imoda tore the souls of his former protectors from their armour and cast them into the daemon realm. In their place, the former chaos warlords of those primitive chaos tribes were dragged kicking and screaming into their new bodies; their power armour transforming to represent their baroque ancient ways and hateful personalities. These warlords, angered by their plasteel prisons, but under the spell of Imoda, fight with renewed rage and skill in battle and protect their 'master'. That is until their stars rise again... 

So with that fun little intro, here is proof of my latest tinkering. I've challenged myself with this one, by transforming flying Raptors into 'non-flying' Chosen. The new Raptor kit has so many beautiful parts, and I thought these would make great Chosen models. My only major issue being the legs.

The legs come in 'flying' or 'landing' poses, so a little surgery was in order; making cuts where the thigh joins the hips, and if needed, cutting off the ribbed piping between the two and moving it around. As well as this, they were removed from their 'scenic bases' and added back to them depending on their pose.

Although they still need Greenstuff in the gaps, I feel that the poses achieved so far are more realistic and don't look stupid. One pair (power fist man) was an issue to get standing, so I make it into a pair of running legs.

War-gear wise, I'm letting the 'rule of cool' dictate the majority my choices. My chosen champion will have Lightning Claws and the gift of mutation.

 I have yet to decide the 5th's armament, but the Power Sword on the sprue is calling out to me. All models will have the Mark of Tzeentch, and I may invest in a new Rhino for them to ride around in.

Hopefully I'll update my progress on the Facebook page, so come on over and have a look and a like.

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