Saturday, 24 November 2012

Making a Deimos: Part Four

A Barrage of micro-warheads struck the ferrocrete wall, collapsing under the barrage. The twin beams if the Rhino Transport were visible through the smoke, and the transport smashed through the hole, bringing down more wall. 

It halted, turning on the spot. It's circular side door opened, and out stood a Space Marine, but one who appeared nothing like the noble warrior the tales suggested. His armour was bladed and barroque, festooned in trinkets, fetishes and wards. the being wore a massive resplentant cloak of purple silk, and his armour was trimmed in highly polished gold...

So now we come to the conclusion of this four part challenge to build a Deimos for a fraction of the price.

For this, you will need the previously made parts (front plate, side armour and exhausts). Note that I've changed my exhausts, and have used heavily modified Baneblade exhausts. I wasn't happy with my examples, so I started over.

To complete the model, you will need the usual materials and tools used previously.

Fist off, build the normal Rhino kit up to this point.

Add the custom parts and hull in this order, to ensure it all goes together:

  • sides
  • roof
  • front

Next, we need to finish off the side armour, by adding the roof plates. Shave off the notches and rivets on the outer track sections of the roof piece, as well as the locating pegs for the headlamps.

Add the plates. These should be made from plasticard strips, of a similar thickness to the lip you make earlier. Cut them to around 14mm in thickness. 

Trim and decorate to your choosing. In the above picture, I've decided to continue the trim, and have added small triangles along the inner edges.

This next part is simple; adding a ram. I've used this example from the Chaos Accessories Sprue, as it is the piece which most resembles the original model's.

Now it's onto the weapons. These are really at your discretion, as you will all have different used for this most versatile of transports. I've gone with a Havoc launcher (from the box) and a Twin-bolter, make out of a spare Twin-bolter from my Tartaros Terminators, with some added spares to represent the automatic targeting system. 

There we have it: a neat little transport, with only a bit of (somewhat extensive) work on the basic kit. I would love to see people's attempts at this, so if you give it a go, post the pics up on the Facebook page.


  1. Hello!

    It would seem the pictures are broken in this post....

    Shame, it's a good guide!


    1. Hi Ren,

      Indeed, a lot of my older posts have done this, as many used to be linked via Facebook. Facebook must have changed something thus breaking the links. I do plan to revisit this at some point, however :)