Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Making a Deimos: Part Three

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Now, onto part three of this epic adventure to build a Deimos Rhino look-alike, using the bog standard Games Workshop Rhino kit. Today, we will be looking at the exhausts; an essential piece for the look (and pretend noises, vroom...).

For these, you will need:

  • Plasticard piping (I went with 4.8mm and 5.5mm diameters, but feel free to deviate)
  • Thin plasticard.
  • Knife
  • Files/sandpaper
  • Drill (1mm bit)
  • (Optional) Chaos gargoyle heads and curved pipes.
  • Leather hole lunch/similar hole making device

To begin, cut a piece from the 5.5mm plastic tube, about 2.5cm in length. Sand it flat if need be.

Perforate the tube using the drill. Drill all the way through to the other side, and try to keep the holes even and aligned. use a bigger drill bit if you want to create a larger hole. 

Now, prepare the inner tube. With mine, the pipe didn't quite fit inside, so it had to sit on top. Cut one to two pieces, around 3/5mm long, a bit longer for the top one. Glue them to the top (unless you are using gargoyles) and bottom of the perforated piping. 

If you're using the chaos gargoyles, add your chosen heads to the top instead. I will be aligning them so that they face outwards from the door (as shown).

Add the curved braces, which will attach the exhaust to the hull of the tank. These were made from small squares of plasticard, with the curved section done by using the hole punch. Select a size that will allow the exhaust to sit inside the curve.

The bottom connecting pipe is next. You can:
A) use a pre-curved piece by looking around, or
B) Make an angle.

If B, this can be done by cutting two small pieces of tube at roughly 45* angles, then gluing them together to create a corner. If you wish, you cam attack a connecting plate (between the exhaust and hull) with a circle of plasticard (the hole punch will help, select a larger size than the pipe's diameter).

To finish, add the curved armour plate, and rivet. This can be done to any style, and simply attaches to the outer half of the lower section of the exhaust. I suggest thinner plasticard, as it is much easier to bend to shape. You can use half a piece of larger plastic tube. Attach the whole assembly to the Deimos Side plates. 

There you have it, all the major components that make a Deimos unique are done. For the final part of this series, we will be bringing all these elements together, and adding some new ones to complete the look. Enjoy. 

(Deimos pic property of Forge World)

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