Saturday, 17 November 2012

Making a Deimos: Part Two

Before moving onto part two of this tutorial, I'd like to announce that the Power Armoured Metal YouTube channel is LIVE! You can now access extra content, such as videos of extra stuff and detailed responses to your comments...when it's filmed of course. So far, there is just an introductory video with yours truly,  but more will come in time.

Right, onto part two. Today, we will be looking at the side armour plating and round doors. For this, you will need:

  • Rhino outer side panels
  • Plasticard
  • Plasticard rod
  • Compass/something circle to draw around
  • pen/pencil
  • Drill
  • Jewellers Saw
Whilst we are only working on one side today, if you are doing both, just do each stage twice over before moving on. 

To start off, cut off the Rhino's exhausts. This will be replaced with new exhausts at a later stage, but today it's just the armour.

Cut out the above shape. You can use the rhino piece as a template.

Attach the panel to the Rhino piece. Glue it so it overhangs at the top by about one or two Millimetres  This is so we can line up the roof armour later.

Now, for the doors. Cut out a suitable sized circle. If you are using a compass to draw it out, drill a shallow hole in the plasticard to help prevent it slipping.

Cut the circle into two separate pieces. I've chosen to follow the Deimos' pattern, but feel free to do something else. Try to keep both halves roughly even in size.

Attach the doors. Use the foot-well at the bottom of the Rhino piece to help centralise it. 

Add the latches. These were made with layers of plasticard and a piece of plasticard rod. 

As with the front plate, finish off with rivets and embellishments. I've added a rim to the outer edge of the extra armour. I've not added and spikes and arrows, since I want to know how much space the exhausts (which will be part three) will take up.

Goodbye for now, and feel free to comment below or over on Facebook.


  1. This is inspiring. Off to gather my stuff. I'm going to try just converting the doors and front first (without the exhaust) to try for a "transitional look". Thanks for going to the work to post.

    What thickness of plasticard are you using?

    1. Hi there.

      I tend to use medium thickness stuff (.75mm or thereabouts). but for curved surfaces I've started using 0.2mm and similar. great for adjusting the thickness of gun barrels

      Matt-Power Armoured Metal