Thursday, 15 November 2012

Making A Deimos Rhino: Part One

As you know, I love Forge World's heresy era tanks. Their appearance suit my post-heresy theme, and considering the Chaos Space Marines ran off into the Eye of Terror with their heresy gear, more chaos armies should use them. My only problem is the price; only affordable with much saving.

 This made me think; can I make my own versions? To find out, I've decided to try and convert a regular Rhino into a Deimos pattern variant, and will show you how to do the same. Today's post will show you how to create the distinctive front plate.

For this, you will need:
  • Plasticard of various thickness 
  • Plasticard Rod (small diameter)
  • Rhino front armour plate
  • Plasticard strips (optional, you can use plasticard)
  • Knife
  • Ruler (metal)
First off, slice off the locating 'lumps' on the front plate, where the window panel would have gone.

Next, cut out the the above shapes (the squares on the mat are 1cm x 1cm). this will form the top box section.

Glue the pieces to the Rhino plate, with the angled ends of the small pieces pointing towards the top.

 Close up the gaps with strips of plasticard. File smooth if necessary

Add plasticard strips to the bottom, the same width as the raised plate. Add enough layers so that it matches the thickness of the top construction.

In between the two new plates, add four struts, the same thickness as the panels. These will fill in the gaps for the window panels. which will be added on top.

After adding the window panels, and using plasticard strips (or thin cut strips), create the windows. Cut at roughly 45* angles to get the best fit.

To finish off, add rivets and embellish with details of your choosing. The rivets were made from thin circles cut from plasticard rod.

And there you go, one complete front door. Next time, I'll be showing you how to do the side armour plates, including the round doors.

(Deimos image property of Forge World)


  1. My only critique for this would be to patch in the sides of the front panel.

    I'm actually planning to give a very similar treatment to my CSM rhinos (except for one that will have the FW Death Guard doors). I've slowly collected 7 original Deimos Rhinos and 3 of the Deimos Predators for my Astral Claws army (which has a lot of OOP gear in it), and I was originally planning to pick up some of the Chapterhouse Pre-Heresy conversion kits. I may still get a few, but I'm definitely planning to try out a plasticard conversion.

    1. I'll take it on board. How do you mean 'patch the sides' though? Just wondering, since there aren't any gaps in the example, bar ones where liquid greenstuff is needed :P

  2. Hello,

    Wonderful guide to the Deimo Rhino that will save us all alot of money.

    My one question concerns the dimensions of all the different parts, how tall and wide are they and what thickness did you use?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi there. Thank you for the comments. To be honest this guide was written years ago and I have forgot the details! I have thought about reviving this tutorial with newer, better techniques (aldo a lot of my old image link have broken, resulting in no images on several posts) so stay tuned :)