Saturday, 3 November 2012

November WIP Update

Hello my chaotic puppets, I mean, followers.

For today, I will be highlighting a number of projects I have to work on this month. This will be a new feature which I will begin every month with, and each time I will have a good number of items to share with you all.

But first off, I would like to thanks everyone for viewing, commenting, and sharing this blog. Last month was another record breaker, beating the previous best by 1,601 views. Let's see if we can beat this again this month.

Also, the Facebook page is at 78 likes. Please be so kind as to join the page, I'm so close to 80, and it would be absolutely amazing to reach 100 before 2013 arrives. I have been thinking about adding a 'follower's gallery', for you to show me and everyone else your work.

Anyhow, its project time, so get your summoning staffs and prepare the sacrifices....

Rubric Terminators

These guys have been somewhat overlooked as of late. I've had the models for around two months, but only three of them were somewhat built. It was about time I got back to them. The thing that was putting me off was the effort of making the headdresses, which are rather time consuming  and harder to fit than the ones used in my tutorial.

The banner bearer, whilst very fun to work on, was a problematic model. His weapon choices included a Chainfist, but if the blade attachment were to be used I would be unable to fit a banner poll in without it bending off and looking dumb. I did find a solution, using a Thunder Hammer from the accessories kit, which is right handed. The 'no bolter' problem was solved after looking at Abbadon's Talon of Horus; I simply added two chopped up bolt pistols to the back of the Chainfist, and there you have it; a perfectly legal terminator with twin-bolter, Chainfist and an icon of Flame.


The new Raptor kit has been very fun to work with. There are so many beautiful parts on the sprue, and some have even been used on the Terminators previously shown.

I did, sadly, loose the power sword, so the fifth member who would have had it now has a Twin linked bolter taken from the Terminators, which looks rather fitting. If the sword is found, I will make a sixth model to wield it.

Another issue I've had is my Thousand Sons parts have been delayed. Due to an overly early postal delivery, they are now being held in the dark fortress of Royal Mail, so I will have to go get them on Monday. Until then, they are for the most part, headless.


There is some progress to report on the terrain.  Having sprayed the Basilica, I have decided to add a touch of classy detail inside, with a black and white tiled floor.

Whilst it is in the early stages, it will look great when done. I am also thinking of adding gold doors, to suggest that this former building was something of a luxury to its owners.

Chaos Fellblade

A small amount of work has been done on the Fellblade. The sides are slowly being re-skinned with the new armour plating, and are beginning to look less Imperial Guard, more Space Marine.

I have taken the decision that I will not use the giant bauble to make the turret; it's just too giant. It also doesn't have the right curvature to match the turret. Instead, I will sculpt a turret. I feel that my experiments in the past with making a Reaver Titan's head will be useful in designing a more suitable turret.

I am thinking about posting a similar article at the end of the month, to show my progress with these items, but if I do not, feel free to come on Facebook and keep up to date there.


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    1. Thanks :) I should hopefully have fully built them by this week and started painting. I love the Khorne stuff you've been working on, especially that Daemon Prince :) Need to make a tzeentch one (or re-purpose my Lord of Change)-Power Armoured Metal