Saturday, 10 November 2012

Product Review: the KR 'Multicase' (Cardboard edition)

As the years go by, it is natural for things to start wearing out, or to become tattered or broken. My current KR card case has lasted a good number of years, but it's starting to show signs of its age: the edges are worn, the handle is flimsy, and there is a tear near the back.
A sign that my old case is getting...well, old...

Whilst it is perfectly usable (KR cases are very durable), I would like one with better use of space; before KR really started doing custom cases, I simply hacked up their basic one.

The Shiny new case...
The one I bought today is very similar to the existing one; a card box with trays, for a total of £25; some £11 cheaper than Games Workshop's cheapest case of a similar size. The set-up I was able to get includes four half sized trays and one two tray deep 'pluck block' of foam.

The trays are thicker than my existing ones, meaning I can only stack three in a box, rather then the four I am used to. However, the slots are deeper, meaning much bigger models can be fit inside, and I can more easily 'double up' models such as cultists, who did stick stick out a bit in the old thin trays.

What I'll really enjoy is the 'pluck block'. This, being put simply, is one huge lump of foam, with small removable sections, allowing you to create a custom shaped and sized slot, for virtually any model. Whilst it is extra work, it guarantees that you have a space suitable for your more oddly shaped models. I'll attempt to make it suitable for my Deimos Predator and two Contemptor Dreadnoughts.

"What if I want to use a land raider?" you may ask. The beauty of half sized trays is that you can simply remove one side, without having to sacrifice the use of the other side. In practice, I can simple remove the puck tray, or two of the normal trays, to fit my largest battle tank.

The only thing I would have liked to do is get the Black Aluminium case to put the foam inside. Whilst the card box will be perfectly suitable for regular use, and at an excellent price, there's something very cool about their glossy black case...


  1. Was looking at these cases myself, may invest in a couple of cardboard ones after reading this.
    I agree about the black aluminium case, looks well smart but too expensive for me.

    1. True, it does cost a fair bit, but it does look great. Only considered it because I had made £20 on selling some Imperial Guard tanks/bits so was half way there :)