Thursday, 22 November 2012

Showcase: Chaos Mutilator and WIP Cultists

It was when the multi-coloured lights cleared that I saw them. I first thought them to be allied Terminators, but they were, on further observance, far bigger, and far deadlier. Bony protrusions jutted from their backs, and the most-hated symbols were emblazoned upon them. Chaos. 

Their arms were holding what I first thought were chain-swords. But they were...attached, and fleshy. The chain-blades disappeared and lengthy power-swords slid out from the monsters' skin, blood weeping from the fresh cuts, which healed as soon as they emerged. Glowing energy ran across the blades, and they ran towards gamma squad, las-bolts pinging off their massive frames; gamma squad stood no chance...

(Diary entry of Guardsman Droga, 133rd batallion, Delta Squad. Later executed for fleeing the battlefield without authority from a commanding officer.)

I present to you one of my completed Mutilators (part of my November to-do list). It was fun creating these models and coming up with fluff behind them. Seeing as all normal Thousand Sons from the Heresy are dust, I needed to think how they can have mutating bodies.

The idea is that they were once either imperial terminators, or new chaos recruits that fell out of favour with my lord. The Sorcerers of the Pavoni (body chemistry/healing) cult have had no one to practice on post-rubric, seeing as 'all is dust', and have begun delving into necromancy and biomancy. Thus, the chaos lord has given them these Terminators to play with, thus the creation of these 'change-golems', aka, Mutilators.

The bodies used are Grey Knight Terminators, which have had plasticard spacers added to their thighs and waist, to increase their height. Terminator arms have been spliced with various parts, many of which are from the Possessed models, such as the claws. A Chainfist blade from the Tartaros Terminator kit was also added, to show the changing weapon sets. The flesh is Greenstuff.

Paint wise, I wanted to show that they had an unnatural energy providing motion. This is shown with glowing exhaust vents. On advice from the internet's Joeyberry, I painted them in an orange-yellow colour, to contrast with the blue armour.

I intend to complete the second model soon, and begin a third, so I can run a full size squad. I've been using them as bodyguards for my sorcerer in most games: four combined wounds with a 2+/4++ each makes a good wall to hide behind.

I also have these to show you all; the beginnings of a new Cultsit unit.

They are made up of the new 'booster boxes' of Cultists; a set of five mono-pose models intended to bulk out the Dark Vengence squads.

The fun with cultists is that you can make them look both individual and a group at the same time; by picking one colour to tie them together, they're identifiable as ordinary citizens under the sway of chaos.

I've used this to experiment with different schemes and colours. For example, The one on the left looks somewhat like an imperial noble/navy personnel  and the right one is painted to look like a former Mechanicus adept, complete with a red cloak detailed with a white cog trim.

The only issue I need to combat is making the same models look different; I bought two sets, and am attempting to make duplicates different. I've done this with some simple arm/head swaps, as well as changing weapons.

That's all for today. This weekend, we should see the conclusion to the Deimos Rhino tutorial, where we will bring everything done so far together, and add the finishing touches.


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