Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Fellblade Project: Part Three (Extra Armour and the Superstructure)

-My Lord-architect. The machine spirit's corruption is beginning to take hold. It's still trying to resit, but whole sections of it's circuitry and cogitation banks are being swayed. Once the sigils are daubed upon the armour, this process will be complete, and the Fellblade will be ours.
-Good...see to it that you don't fail, or you WILL be thrown into the void along with your cabal. I am putting myself at risk too in this project of

Well well, much has changed with the Fellblade tank since last time. Here's what it looked like last time I updated my progress...

Now here is where I am now. The main superstructure is starting to take shape. The centre hull is being blocked out, and only the top plates need to be added. A curved section has been started at the rear of the tank to accommodate the turret.

The rear engine section has been flattened and extended, to match the lines of the Forgeworld tank. This also stops the engine looking too high in relation to the turret, and should in theory give me a better turret rotation.

The side skirting panelling has also been completed, and will have more attention directed at it when it comes to the detailing and rivet stage. Oh, I imagine I will be making a lot of rivets...

The giant bauble I proposed to use has been abandoned. It was simply too big and not quite the right shape for the job. Instead, I will be sculpting the turret using a plasticard frame, with milliput over the top of it. It will also allow me to add indentations for the gun mantlet and targeting optics.

The next task is to finish building up the basic hull shape. After that, it's onto creating the more interesting details, like the engine and front armour plating.

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