Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Update: More Parts For The Fellblade and Some Old Projects

Apologies, first off, for the somewhat delayed posting. I've been enjoying quality time with family and friends, where light isn't as great, and I'm about 90 miles away from this Month's projects.

I did, however, acquire a good number of materials for the Chaos Legion Fellblade, as well as some old projects.

I bought a number of Evergreen Plastics packs, including three sets of differing tubes and one pack of
medium-width strips. The tubing will be very handy in making the basis for the Accelerator Cannon, whilst the smaller sets will be use for the Quad Lascannons.

I'm tempted to use the dragon heads from chaos tank kits on the guns, if I can source enough of them. For the Accelerator Cannon, I don't know if I want to sculpt anything for the tips, or just make a regular cannon barrels.

Now, onto those other projects. When looking through my old drawers for more parts, I came across these two; a chaos Dreadnought (Now a Hellbrute) made from an AOBR dread, and this custom Malcador, based on a 1/35 French Char B2 WW2 tank kit.

This Dreadnought was used in most games, back before I had either of the Contemptors, hens why it has many details, such as the mace weapon (from a Warmachine warjack), custom sculpted panels, and modified feet to match the Forgeworld variant.

I think that the weapons will be kept, as they are both cool and legal (I will run it with one Thunder Hammer, one Power Fist and a Combi Bolter). The panels might be replaced with cleaner sculpts, and a new, better done sarcophagus will be added up front.

the Malcador is one of my favourite old works. Made for under £30, it's a great representation for the super-heavy it mimics. It's a tad thin, but I may fix this. I have also contemplated changing the variant it is (to the one with five Heavy Bolters), or to make it into a Valdor or Minotaur.

Any suggestions will be greatly welcome, bring them up on the Facebook page, and I hope to see you soon.


  1. Dreadnought is looking nice. Have you thought of adding some loin cloth with a tzeentch symbol maybe or perhaps adding the legion heraldly onto the shoulders?

    Did you make those Malcador tanks yourself from scratch?

    1. It has a cloth, but I could freehand the symbol. Yah I could do, the torso will probably get reworked anyway so I'll do the shoulders too :P

      Nah, the regular malc is a kit-bash, whilst the Infernus is an official model.