Tuesday, 4 December 2012

December update: My 'To Hopefully Finish' List

After last month's proposed project list, I realised that, whilst I did do a fair bit, nothing was actually finished, so to speak. So for this month, I'm cutting down the number of projects, but I should hopefully finish some of them.


First off, and a first for me, I'm working on some Malifaux. Joeyberry and the local gaming scene has opened my eyes to something other than 40k, and it looks like a very fun system to get into. 

I've gone with the Ramos crew; I enjoy steam-punk  and this crew seamed the most steam-punky in stock, with many piston driven coal fired machinery (my favourite being the Steamborg). I foresee much pinning in my future though. Notice the half-built cog base on this first model, which uses cogs I harvested from a cheap egg-timer.

Deimos Rhino

Now that this tank is fully built and undercoated, it's in a great position to be finished quickly. It'll be in my usual scheme, but perhaps with a good deal of battle-damage, to highlight its age.

Cultists (no.6-no.10)

After the fun I had with the first five Chaos Cultists from the Dark Vengeance booster boxes, It makes a lot of sense to choose the next five as this month's project.

These five have been subtly modified to help prevent making a boring, repetitive unit. One of the Autoguns have been modified into a Flamer, using a Raptor Flamer, plasticard tubing, and Gale-force nine wire.

Hopefully we shall see some of these finished, and less distractions.

On an unrelated note, today is my birthday; the ripe age of 20. Feel free to send some cake or chaotic offerings (or a message of the page). 

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