Thursday, 20 December 2012

Matt's Malifaux: Building and Painting

My first time with Malifaux is proving both interesting and frustrating.

First, let's get the bad over with. I have hated putting these models together, and I hold a special loathing for the steamborg.

Whilst it is a beautiful model, none of the parts fit properly, and big gaps are created from the miss-aligning parts (see shoulder above). I suspect I will need to do a lot of gap filling and re-sculpting when I get around to finishing it.

Also, the mecha-spiders are a pain to build. Tiny parts and sockets too small for the legs. Ramos was the easiest model, but even then he still had a sizeable gap where his arm joined.

So with the bad out of the way, it's time for the good. These models paint up really nicely, and it's a pleasant change from the blue armoured wall I am usually facing off with. I've been focusing my attention on Ramos first.

The coat started off as Vallejo Leather Brown, with added GW Screaming skull to brighten up the coat and to highlight after a wash of Devlan mud, everybody's favourite wonder-wash.

I've also started the spiders. Nothing too complex as of yet, just Boltgun Metal, Devlan Mud, and a Drybrush of Necron Compound. Next, it'll be the brass sections and detailing.

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