Thursday, 13 December 2012

Review: The Best Posts of 2012

Popularity on the internet is as volatile and scarcely understood as plasma weapons and the methods of the Inquisition. For unknown reasons, blogging can have spikes one day, and a massive drop the next. However, those who maintain a great site with good content are able to manage the highs more reliably.

Today, I've decided to compile what I've judged the best and most popular posts of this year, based on the number of views (although this only includes link-views, not people scrolling down to view previous/next posts). I'm only basing this on singular posts, not series groups. So, in numerical order:

#5-Showcase: Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend (228 views)

#4-Chaotic Marines and Deviant Astartes Part Two: The New Toys (232 views)

#3-Chaotic Marines and Deviant Astartes Part Five: Battle Time (353 views)

#2-Product Highlight: Division RPG (With Developer Chris Martin) (526 views)

#1-Tutorial: Making Thousand Sons Heads (692 views)

So there we have it. I hope that as a writer and as a member of this great community, I can, with your help, improve on these great results for next year. Next time, I will most likely look at the most influential blogs out there. Enjoy

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