Saturday, 29 December 2012

Review: Highlights of 2012

With another year coming to a close, and with the next lined up for us to make of it how we want, it's time again to review the best bits (both blog and non-blog related) of this past year or so.

100 Facebook likes

As of now it is 108 likes, but I thought that, back when I opened the page, even reaching 100 would be a challenge. I'd like to thank everyone who has been following, and people who have got other friends and hobbyists to follow. I must be doing something right for such support from great members of this community. Lets see if we can get to 200 faster.

Forgeworld's Horus Heresy range

With the release of the earlier marks of power armour and Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts, we could all tell that Forgeworld would eventually do a Horus Heresy release; it would be such bad business sense if they didn't capitalise on a popular period in the sci-fi 'history' of 40k.

 And although they are intended for heresy-era , I've nabbed up a few for my Thousand Sons, and intend to get a few more in the new year. Mainly, I'll be getting one of these Imperial Jetbikes, for something really special.

Thrashing the 20,000 views target

When this blog first started, I intended to reach 10,000 likes in its first year. When that was easily smashed, I raised the bar to 20,000. Even that has been beaten, by over 4,000 views. Without your great support this wouldn't have been possibly, so again, thanks guys.

The world not ending

Well, to be fair, this wasn't going to happen anyway. If you went and researched 2012, you'd find out that nothing of the sort was predicted, and it was all a big marketing ploy (seriously, hundred of books, films, shows, even deodorants, were sold by playing on people's fears of imminent doom). Even if it did happen, I doubt it would have stopped the more serious hobbyist.

6th edtion 40k and Chaos Marine Codex

With every edition, we do have those who do not like it. The majority simply move on, and some really like the changes. I'm in the latter group.

I've enjoyed the small and radical changes, both with the core rule-set, and with the new codex, which is full of fun combinations and new units to try out.

So with my top moments broadcast, how about you share yours. Comment below or come over to the Facebook page (click Ahriman up at the top). Also I wish you all a very happy new year, and I'll be starting the new year with a post showing my progress and completion of some of the December projects.

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  1. Hey mat.
    Mine are
    100 likes on facebook.(smashed it with 149)
    50 subs on Youtube (74 now)
    Meeting great friends like you and other.
    Fantastic all round year. Peace