Saturday, 15 December 2012

Review: Influential Bloggers and Youtubers

Inspiration and encouragement comes in many forms, and if that form is a person, it is only fair and polite to let them know that they've had an impact on the direction and success of something. That is why, for today, I'll be sharing with you key Bloggers and YouTubers who have helped influence my work, for the greater good of course.

11th Legion

These guys have been particularly helpful in helping gather support for the Facebook page, and directed me to useful blogging groups. A particular shout-out to 'Spud'; a great guy to talk to and someone who always has great models in the pipe-lines.

Nurgle Command

It's been great helping out Nurgle Command since it started up earlier this year, and Adam (the owner) has been a great source for ideas, both with his own projects, and some of mine. I still owe him a game of 40k at some point, so readers can expect an apocalyptic clash of Tzeentch and Nurgle at some point in 2013. I wish his blog the best for the new year.

Voices of Mars

Voices of Mars' Mario was one of the key reasons I started up the Power Armoured Metal YouTube channel. It all started shortly after his 'I am a Wargamer' video, which I still need to reply to. Mario turns out to be a great guy who knows his wargaming, and is a friendly face on the scene.


Another Youtuber, one who's Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and Malifaux video are a) great entertainment, and b) informative for those wanting to get started. Joeyberry highlighted Malifaux as as good game to consider. I've seen it in shops before, but her videos did cover the game in more detail and depth than simply reading the back of a box. She also helped out with colour scheming on my Mutilators.

So to round up, a big thanks to everyone mentioned: you've been greatly helpful in my year of wargaming and modelling, and are great people to know. I suggest that everyone should look at their work, and after that, you will see why these guys deserve a mention.

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