Thursday, 31 January 2013

Picture's of The Month: January 2013

Welcome one and all, to the best compilation of pictures the world has ever seen!

Well, this is one of them, CoolMiniOrNot is one such, much bigger, place. But today is all about the best models you have sent in (or I've sequestered permission from) and the best pictures of those best minis.

A brutal Warrior's of Chaos Marauder of Khorne
(Vidpui's Mini Splodges)

A very regal looking Iron Guard Sergeant
(twitter user @PVasiljevic)

A Salamander marine ready for duty!
(Richard Eddon)
Green and mean. Helldrake striking down from the skies
(Matthew Baines)

Ready to kill-Chaos Raptors chasing the foe.
(Alex Brownlee)

That's all for this month, but if you would like the chance of being in next month's selection, send in your pics (or links to them) to and any I do pick will be posted at the end of each month. If you haven't been selected, do not feel down, you will still get your pictures added to the Facebook album. Note, the model, or models, may be from any war-gaming system, so long as they are 100% finished (or so close to 100% people cannot tell). The dealine is February 27th, so make sure to send your pics sooner rather than later

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tactics: Chaos Land Raiders

Harsou could see the enemy formation, a line of three Imperial Leman Russ tanks, mostly standard load out. No challenge, he thought to himself. Gripping the accelerator levers and whispering a prayer to Tzeentch, he made his move...


"Sir, enemy movement to the far east, it's big sir. And I mean real big"

"Dominic looked through the magnoculars out of the cupola of his tank. He could not see much through the dust, but he could see the shape of what was getting Reece so worked up. It was clearly bigger than their tanks, even at a distance. What it was exactly was anyone's guess. The wind gusted suddenly, and revealed an enormous blue battle tank. Its hull draped with two wide sets of tracks.

"Chaos!” He shouted, and before finishing his sentence, the turret turned to meet this new enemy. The Leman Russ fired the shot already loaded into the cannon chamber. It struck the front armour, but appeared to do very little, except perhaps annoy the occupants of the tank, as it was a standard shell. The other tanks also started to fire, but due to their haste and poorly trained crews, most shots went wide.

The chaotic battle-tank fired back, two sets of dual-beamed lascannon blasts slashed straight into the side of 'The Emperor's grace', the formations only Vanquisher tank. Fire and thick plumes of smoke erupted from the disabled tank. Dominic knew this didn't look good for them.

"Fire damn you, and turn this tank around, I want that lascannon ready!"

The old beast turned slowly, its engine straining to go any faster. A stray lascannon shot hit the tracks, ripping the links off at the rear right corner, and preventing any further movement. 'Cadia's Wrath' was next in the line of fire, as one beam stabbed through the armoured cupola, igniting the shells and sending the turret skywards. Dominic got into his own turret with super-natural speed and shut the hatch, seconds before the flaming wreckage landed on the tank. The crew were so shook by the impact, that they didn't see the Land Raider launch straight towards them at full speed. It was going to ram.

Slightly concussed, Dominic urged Reece to get the lascannon charged. He fired, but the shot only took out one set of guns, which burned and sparked as their barrels fell to the floor. There was nowhere near enough time for a second shot. The last thing the crew experienced was the sudden impact of 70 tons of battle tank smashing into the side their tank, crushing most of the crew instantly as the hull closed in on them, before a final lascannon blast finished the ruined machine off.

The Land Raider is often seen as a big, lumbering waste of points to some; there other things in the codex which do a similar job can do it cheaper and more effectively. I, for one, love the tank, and see that it does serve a purpose and is very good at it in the right hands. So for today, I'll be sharing with you my tips on getting the most out of your Land Raider (note, this is only for the standard pattern and the Proteus Pattern, as chaos cannot get their clawed hands on the other variants, and the Spartan is another matter)

The Land Raider's USP is its thick armour plating, with an armour value of 14 all around and four hull-points it is the highest armoured tank of any imperial or chaos vehicle, not counting super-heavies. So, we should use this as the key benefit to exploit.

Use the Land Raider to protect your key units, or even shield smaller but equally important tanks, such as rhinos carrying core combat units to the front lines. Land Raiders are the only non Forgeworld unit which can carry Terminators, so they are essential if you dare not deep-strike them into a tree. They are also dedicated transports in the CSM codex if bought with Terminators, meaning a Heavy support choice is freed for some other nasty surprise for imperial scum.

Whilst you can use it like a big shield, another idea is to treat it as a battering ram. The destroyer blades sound like a fun upgrade for such an event. Whilst the tank is meat-grinding the enemy and being generally distracting, your other units can advance with greater safety.

The issue with the Land Raider is it is big, and the enemy’s guns will be trained on it. Also, Melta and lance weapons will east through your tough plating faster than you can say “twin-linked lascannons”. Keeping in cover, like any other tank can help reduce the damage, but you will need big cover.  

Another tactic is to use the Land Raider as a long-distance MBT, by keeping it at the back providing fire support. The two twin-lascannons are great for sending enemy armour sky-high from a distance, and their twin-linked rule massively improves accuracy. The heavy bolter, if I'm honest, is poorly suited for this role, and should only really be used on light-armoured targets or on infantry when then tanks are all gone. If only chaos could replace it with Autocannons like on the Spartan…

But I digress. The Land Raider can be a beneficial unit, if you are willing to invest the points into one, it 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Valentines special: Gift-buying for your nerdy partner

Despite the stereotypes, many 'geeks' and 'nerds' live relatively normal lives. They play sport, get drunk, like rock music and, shock horror, have relationships! Many of you reading, I'm sure, have a partner you care for, and they might even be as nerdy as you. And with Valentines Day being the day of love, you're probably thinking about gifts

Whilst we are a good few weeks away from the 14th February, it's always good to plan ahead, and give serious thought about what to get your partner. Today's post is about buying a gift for a partner who may love their 40k, have a passion for steam-punk, or is a keen Whovian. Here's a few key tips for you to take heed of. Note, this is also good advice for getting non-gamer partners to buy you something nice, so share this about:

Do your research

To some, knowing your Necron from your Tomb king is essential. It shows that you have an interest in their hobbies and haven taken the time and effort to find something that they will appreciate. Take some time to take in your partner's hobby space, read through their books, (try to) identify their models, look around the internet, and a good idea for a gift will follow.

Don't go overboard

Whilst a big expensive gift is nice, Valentine's day isn't about who can buy the most extravagant present. It is a day to show your love, and even the smallest, simplest of gifts is an ample token. Also, war-gaming, as you and your partner's know, isn't cheap, so it can benefit both your image and your bank balance if you down-size.

When in doubt... gift-cards

I may be against some aspects of gift cards, but they can be a suitable alternative. It also prevents the risk of getting the completely wrong gift. I'm sure some of you out there have got a box of Empire knights when you only play Tau. A gift-card is giving the recipient the choice you are not get wrong, and there's no harm in that.

(images propterty of badhaven csbgamedev, wikia, savingsangel, 40kproject and miniaturewargaming)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

WIP: Chaos Chosen (40k)

The commander lay broken on the floor, his arm shattered, clutching the remains of his power-sabre: a dented pommel with a shattered sparking blade. His leg had been blasted at the knee by a plasma bolt, the massive wound sealing up from the super-heated shot, and melting with his carapace plating. his command unit was long dead, it was a extreme feat for him to have lived this long.

The Chaos Space marines all stood around him, not speaking, but he could tell they were toying with him. Their ornate battle-plate was intricate and intimidating. Bolts of gold lightning met up with sharpened edges and bony protrusions. One stood forward, a man easy twice the height of the Guardsman. His hands were encased in giant armoured gloves, each the size of a man's torso, ending in long glowing claws. He could tell the space marine wanted the kill. Before moving close, another of the armoured giants placed a hand on the shoulder of the clawed marine, and said: 

"Not today my friend. Perhaps it is Drogar's turn for the head of a 'hero' of the corpse-god", turning it's head towards the furthest back marine. The hidden marine stepped forward, holding an enormous twin-barrelled bolter in both hands. Within seconds, the thick cold muzzles were pressed to the man's head. The last thing lord-commander Demetrius saw was the twin flash of 0.75 calibre bolt chambers.

I've come back to one of my older projects, and one which had been a lot of fun to work on. Time, and other projects, meant these guys went on the back burner. Until today.

At the moment, I have almost completed two models, my plasma weapon carriers. They just need the new glow-effect technique, and little tidying up, before they are finished.

I've also roped in a new member of the squad: a regular grunt with a bolter. This model needed to be as ornate as the rest of the unit, so I used the Dark Vengeance chosen with bolter, plus a thousand sons head. He will be getting a backpack at a later point, and I may modify the other bolter marine to be a part of this unit.

 I also have plans to create an Autocannon carrier, but I am unsure if I should make my own, or buy the Forgeworld Autocannons.

I hope to have done more with them at the weekend, so pop over to Facebook to stay on top with your updates.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The £20 Workbench challenge, Part Two: Work Begins

The workbench is being constructed at a good pace, and there is much more to share with all of my evil underlings and followers (that's you guys).

Cables need not be messy!
The broken wheels have been replaced with fairly cheap (£2.99 for two, Wilkinsons) alternatives. Whilst slightly shorter than the original set-up, the difference is unnoticeable: nothing rolls off the edge, so that's fine by me. 

And the old wheel mounts? I came up with a novel use for them: a cable tidy, like what you see on the back of a household vacuum cleaner.

The upper super-structure is starting to form. The material used is wooden boards (£5.99 for a 9 pack, Homebase), which slot together nicely, and with a bit of glue and nails, make for a suitably strong structure. I wouldn't lean on it, but then again, it's designed for models, not elbows. The wood is strong enough to support a heavy resin Forgeworld Land Raider without reinforcements, so when It's done I'll be happy with its strength 

I also hatched a cunning little idea: Brush holders. A very simple idea which looks as great as it functions. All that makes it up is a few hooks, loops and some wood strips, left over from an old abandoned attempt at a gaming table.

I have space for five brushes, including my larger handled Army Painter brushes. I'm very tempted to repeat this on the other side of the desk for tools.

Next up, it's the actual shelving units, ready for project storage. And I also have a little surprise involving my old parts organisers. To finish up, here is the running total of my expenditures so far:

Budget: £20

Bedside table:             £3
Replacement wheels:   £2.99
Wood:                        £5.99
Hooks and loops:        £0.70
Nails:                          £1.98

Total spend: £14.66

Remaining budget: £5.34

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Tale of Two Wargamers: A Need for Speed

"I am not your brother!", Diamodes yelled at the chaos warrior.

"Oh, are you so sure? Perhaps the battle at Scourge Ridge brings back your memory. The oh so unfortunate death of our dear captain Hanar. Such a loss to the fifth."

It took Diamodes a few moments to realise.


"Perhaps, at one point I was. Now I serve a much higher purpose."

"You murderer! You shall die in the name of the emperor this day. I will avenge the death of Hanar". Diamodes activated his power-sword, the blade shimmering with a bright blue glow".

The Sky-hunter chuckled dryly, his helmet grills making it sound like a guttural taunt. He powered up his axe, discharging a red glow and sparks of orange.

"We shall see about that".

Diamodes launched first, thrusting his sword forward whilst protecting his chest with his large ornate storm shield. The glaring eagle of the god-emperor emblazoned on the front make the Sky-hunter cringe. 

The chaos lord held ground, and brought his axe in a wide arc across, hoping to knock the shield away. The hit simply bounced off the shield, destabilising the power field of this axe briefly. Diamodes went in for a stabbing strike, but the Sky-hunter deflected the attack with the shaft of his axe, creating a deep groove in the weapon. 

The white scar captain reacted, crashing the shield into the chaos space marine, the shield's energy field sending him flying several metres backwards. The sky-hunter landed on his back, dropping his power-axe. The captain ran towards the lord to finish him off, but the Sky-hunter kicked across, knocking into Diamodes' lower legs and sending him to the floor. The captain weakened his grip on his power sword, and the chaos lord kicked at his hand, releasing the ornate weapon from his grasp. Even unarmed, the captain was a strong opponent. He stood up, and with all the strength the space marine could muster, he punched straight up with his bionic arm, at the sky-hunters helmet, cracking the helmet, and shattering the right lens. 

The lord was temporarily stunned, but Diamodes didn't see the sky-hunter pull out a concealed bolt-pistol. the Tzeentch warrior lunged forward, the bladed bayonet of the weapon piercing into the captains abdomen, just under the heavy ceramite and  within the softer cabling. The captain was in shock, and he knew where this would end. Three heavy rings echoed across the desert. The first shot shredded the reinforced cabling covering the abdomen, whilst the other two shots exploded inside the space marine, shredding organs and vital systems.

Diamodes collapsed to his knees, one hand holding in the remains of his intestines. The sky-hunter held the bolt pistol to the captain's head, and spoke, showing no emotion, no pride, no gloating, no joy.

"As I said". the last shot seemed to ring much louder, followed by the dull thud of a space marine hitting the floor. 

Welcome, one and all, to the next instalment of The Tale of Two warlords series. Today, I'll be sharing the progress I've make with the warlord, as well as his retinue.

Here is is the Sky-hunter himself  and I can say that this is already one of my favourite models of 2013. The Sheer amount of imposing grace this model gives off is sure to worry even my plague-ridden challenger.

There is still a bit of work to do on the base, and I think I will be breaking out the Miliput to cover up some of the worst parts, which I dare not cut off in case I ruin the base. Plus it's a chance to create something really interesting.

There is also some progress on the retinue. The exact load-out is still work-on-progress, but I think I can get around seven bikers and some nice options for the points we are allowed to spend.

Only two bikers have been done so far, a regular grunt and a weapon specialist: a plasma gun. That was a fun, if slightly annoying, conversion, using a plasma pistol. One bolter was shaved down, as was the plasma pistol, and the two were joined after much filing and swearing.

To make the bolter twin-linked again, I re-used the muzzle from the chopped bolter, cut off the existing bolter's muzzle, and re-attached both centrally, one atop another.

There was also the issue of the fairings, which were far too imperial to leave stock. Thankfully, I had a brainwave: Raptors. Not the whole kit, but the backpack fins were a similar shape and size, and with a bit of work, made great chaotic armour.

 The rest was simple, and involved replacing the torso, head and backpack with standard chaos components.

So that is all for today, I hope you come back soon, the tale of the sky-hunter is about to get much more exciting...

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Showcase: Tzeentch Helbrute

"Be sure to take it down if the slaves fail."

The ancient Contemptor dreadnought Death Giver remained silent, but Khotep was sure the former War Adept heard him clearly. The dreadnought and the sorcerer both remained focused on the Mutating Helbrute in front of them. The summoning spell was clearly working, as the Blood Raven's dreadnought warped and twisted as a new daemonic host was forced into it. A large gathering of cultist slaves were holding the war machine down with heavy set chains, each team struggling to hold it in place, whilst chanting the rites of imprisonment. Then it happened.

The power fist of the dreadnought burst open, sending sparks and huge lumps of metal at the cultists holding its arm down. Three thick, dripping metallic tentacles unravelled, flailing madly at the monster's captives. It was breaking free.

Within seconds of killing the cultists who were either too scared to move or too slow, the daemon had begun charging the deadly Plasma Cannon its host had equipped.  It fired upon the sorcerer, but before it could reach him, Death Giver placed itself in front of the shot, dissipating the small sun-like blast off its energy field, which cracked as it was brought back up to full power.

Without any need of an order, the Contemptor dreadnought launched itself at the daemon engine. Bolts of dark energy shot out of the palms of its mechanical hands, doing little if any damage to the beast, but distracting it long enough to get close. Death Giver grabbed the Plasma Cannon in one hand, crushing the metal of the barrel and the charging plasma coil. With a heavy swing, the dreadnought performed an uppercut strike with its free arm, dead centre. Had the Contemptor's occupant activated the power field, the daemon engine would surely be scattered across the room in a spray of metal and daemon flesh. Instead, the uncharged hit knocked the creature on its back. Due to the nature of the dreadnought host's design, it would be unable to get up without assistance; not a problem for the rare and advanced Contemptor pattern.

"See that it gets back to the ship".

With a mechanical growl that Khotep took as acknowledgement, the war machine grasped a bundle of  chains that the now dead cultists had been holding, and dragged the flailing daemon with him.

After that introduction I present to you my finished Helbrute.

This was a fun model to paint, for two reasons. One, it embodies the new direction in appearance the Chaos Space Marines are taking. And two, it was a great chance to experiment with the techniques from 'Eavy Metal Master-class.

On this one model, I've tried: Daemon prince skin, Lightning claw effects, fire, bone, horns, and two different glow effects.

The Plasma cannon is by-far my favourite part of this model: so much so that I have the urge to go back to my Forgefiend and re-do the plasma glow.

The tips of the Power Scourge, which is too big to fit in a picture
without  loosing detail.
To end today's post, I have a very important announcement  Tonight, I'll be on the Chilling Wargamers panel, alongside 11th Legion, Fear GFX and Nurgle Command, my putrid rival. It's expected to be live from 7pm GMT tonight (17th January). Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for a link to the show, or watch out on Fear GFX's YouTube Channel.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The £20 Workbench Challenge, Part One: Thinking Big

Hello my chaotic followers.

Today, I've set out on a challenge, to come up with an awesome 40k workbench, for all my WIP projects, paints, and such. This has been decided for two reasons:

1) It's all over the house and I would like a nice little place for it

2)It's taking over the house

My budget would just be short of buying you this (the Paintstation+ is £40!)

I've also made it a little more difficult: By having a budget of just £20. Not much it seems, but considering a GW paint-station costs  a tiny bit more than this, it will most certainly be an interesting challenge. It will be fun seeing what kind of creation I'll come up with. As a brief, I have come up with the following:
  • It needs to be within the set budget of £20
  • It needs a dedicated space for paints and tools, current work-in-progress models, and storage areas.
  • It needs to be easy to move around
With that in mind, I set to work finding suitable materials, and I came across this in a charity shop, a cool little side-table. Charity may not be the most obvious place to look, but you can find some interesting things. And it was cheap, and I mean really cheap. This Ikea special cost me a while £3 sterling. A bargain in any circumstance.

It meets the criteria: It has plenty of usable space (Land Raider shown above for scale), of which I can use to meet the second criteria, and whilst it is on the heavy side, it ison wheels. Well, was: two broke off during transit. Which means I need to buy two more, or be forced to replace them all. but still, at £3 I'm well within budget.

Note the missing wheels....
The next stage is to come up with a plan for this beast, and buy those new wheels, as well as any cheap materials I can find to build the paint/tool storage areas.

Potential shelving space?

Current spend

Budget: £20

Small bedside table: £3

Remaining budget: £17

(paintstation image property of Games Workshop)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Tale of Two Wargamers: The Man in the Making

"Marines, dissembark!"

The Razorback had finally become unusable. The small command unit had embarked and driven off into the desert, long since cut off from supporting units. The heavy bolter mounted on the roof had been hindering the attackers, but was minutes ago shut down by concentrated Plasma Gun fire from the hunting party of chaos bikers. Captain Diamodes decided to retaliate. 

The first marine out, brother veteran Hytara, was cut down by mass bolter fire, the bikers roaring past the wrecked transport. The White Scars opened fire, hoping to take them down. The present Techmarine, Konar, Managed to atomise two of the attackers with a charged shot from his Conversion Beamer, the ancient weapon hissing and steaming after the shot. Brother apothecary Dranus fired with his bolt pistol, only to be killed moments later, by a plasma bolt to the head.

Then the bikers drove off. No sign of a return attack or a hit-and-run strategy, just them leaving the battlefield. The three remaining marines were confused by this, but then something came. It flew fast over their heads, leaving a small trail of smoke and engine heat.

"Captain", Konar yelled shortly after, as the craft began its turn around. "Heat signature and mag-readings identify the craft as imperial anti-grav technology, a jet-bike sir....Scimitar pattern.

"Scimitar?", thought Diamodes. It cannot be.

The jet-bike returned, slowing down to take a shot. It's elongated hull was decorated in the deepest blue, and finest gold lining. But its beauty was desecrated by marks of chaos, spikes and stars jutted from the sides, almost forcing themselves out of the pristine blue hull. Then it fired, a large gout of electrical fire came hurtling towards the marines. Konar was closest, and took the full shot, his body collapsed forward and hit the ground hard, sparking small bolts of green lightning, and smouldering from his joints. Then the rider dismounted.  In armour of the same gold and blue, but far more regal, it was crafted in the visage of a terrifying daemon, and his helmet featured swept back horns. It spoke:

"It is time to die, brother".

"No!", the champion blurted, running at the chaos marine with lightning claws at the ready. He slashed at the chaos being, but it simply leaned out of reach, grasping the forearm as it went past. Then with a mighty swing, it brought its massive power axe around and sheared the whole arm at the shoulder. The champion was stunned, looking down at his dead disembodied arm in shock. He looked up to battle one more, but by this point, the chaos lord had begun swinging the axe directly at his head. He had no time to move. 

The blood sizzled on the power axe. Without looking, holing the axe limp by his side, the lord repeated the same phrase.

"It is time to die, brother".

Yaaaaay, Forge world!
So, another exciting instalment into the story of the Sky Hunter of Tzeentch. Today, we look at my war gear choices, and the parts I hope to use, now that my Forge World order has arrived. Those who have seen my previous post of this series will know I have a war gear selection going along these lines:

HQ-Chaos Lord

  • Mark of Tzeentch
  • Disc of Tzeentch
  • Power Axe
  • Burning brand of Skalathrax
  • Gift of mutation
  • Sigil of corruption
  • Combi-Plasma gun

Great for anti-Terminator, but slow
Why these items? Let me explain. The Disc of Tzeentch has got better in this new edition, with increased speed and toughness. Combined with the necessary mark of Tzeentch and a sigil of corruption, it means I have a model with T5, and a 3+/3++ save, which is very nice and will help me survive attacks, seeing as I strike last. The power axe gives me a nice strength boost and armour-busting AP. The mutation, whilst random, is fun, and potentially very beneficial.

Now, for ranged attacks. the Burning Brand of Skalathrax is my favourite weapon of the new codex, and will be excellent at cutting down those foul-smelling followers of Nurgle. If I find myself against something Terminator armoured, of if I am out of range with the brand, that's where the combi-plasma gun comes in.

So to finish off, here is a picture and a  small list  of the parts I have lined up. Note that more may be added to this.

  • FW Scimitar Jet-bike
  • Possessed torso (Daemon face)
  • Raptor horned head (Possibly a Warp Talon head?)
  • Raptor Jetpack fins
  • Dark Vengeance Chosen Power Axe
  • Heldrake Baleflamer
  • Thousand Sons Shoulder pad
  • Chaos Brass Etching
  • GF-9 chain links. 
  • Chaos Termi lord's rock
  • 60mm base (since it'll look nicer)
An early base concept

Enjoy, and keep an eye on Facebook, where more updates will be placed.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Behind the Scenes: The Sword of the Seraphs (with author Paul Johnson)

Fantasy writing is a difficult battlefield to enter. Being original is one thing, but being good is all together different and difficult. Anybody can write, but it takes an imagination as unique as the one ring and as strong as dragon's breath to create something truly unique and enthralling.
The Sword of the Seraphs is one such work which could stand on the high-rising mantle of good fantasy literature. Paul Johnson, a University of Huddersfield student originating from Scunthorpe, is the master-craftsman behind this upcoming fantasy novel. Whilst it is obvious the novel pictures a fantastic fantasy world, Paul's dreams were not always so.

Southern Drenvian coast, one of the locations in the book.

"It’s a funny thing really, because I didn't have an interest in fantasy books as such, although I’d grown up reading Harry Potter, and I emulated Rowling a lot in short stories I wrote as a kid. For a long time I’d wanted to write science fiction, but I could never nail down a story I was happy with, so I shelved writing for around a year."

Only after watching the Lord of the Rings films in 2010 did Paul have a passion for fantasy.  
Paul's vision of the Blue Mountain lakes

"I discovered the beauty of fantasy, and high fantasy in particular in terms of its creative freedom. With science fiction, the stories I wanted to tell in that genre were always somewhat limited by the tropes of that genre, so I always felt restricted. With fantasy, I found the obvious solution – make up your own universe. "

And with that soon came The Sword of the Seraphs:Rise of the Companions, the first of a potential series of novels set in a far-gone world where mad princes and unlikely heroes vie for the power of a supernatural sword. The writing process came naturally, as did the plot.

Paul summed up the plot very neatly: "The plot is focused around a landowner, who by circumstance and fate inherits the status of knighthood from his dying friend, and becomes the bearer of the Sword – an ancient and destructive weapon created by a now-extinct race of angelic beings called Seraphs as a last resort against one of their kin who betrayed them – Vitria."
Abandoned Drenvian fortifications

Paul likens The Sword of the Seraphs' writing style to Simon Scarrow and the fantasy elements to the Lord of the Rings, which suggests a well written and intricate tale. This passion for fantasy writing hasn't slowed down and a sequel is already in the works.

"The first novel is completed (though if it gets to publication it will no doubt go through some edits), and I'm roughly 40% of the way through the second novel, which is turning out to be a fantastic joy to write." 

Alongside this, Paul has hinted at returning to his sci-fi roots. Only time can tell, but I sure hope to see more from this budding author and all-round great guy, and I wish him the best in finding a worthy publisher. If you want to know more about the Sword of the Seraphs, or want to support the project, visit and like the Facebook page

(images from and the Sword of the Seraphs Facebook page)