Tuesday, 1 January 2013

January Update: December's projects and This Month's Challenges

Welcome to 2013 everyone. Please enjoy your stay and watch out for Nurglings on your way home.

I hope everyone reading will have sent off 2012 wit a bit of fun, and are now looking to the potential of 2013. Before I detail what I hope to do this year, here's some of December's projects I managed to get headway on.

Deimos Pattern Rhino

This metal beast is done! It's been great working on it, and I've learned to use a number of different techniques and tools whilst progressing with it.

Mainly, I leaned a much better sand weathering technique, using a Tamiya Weathering stick.


More of these little guys with bad saves and bad breath are completed. of the original five I set out to work on, four are table-ready. The fourth required a bit more modelling work which I haven't had time to get around to doing.

However, I have made up another ten Autogun cultists, from the Dark Vengeance box-set. The extra fire-power from the heavy stubber and an actual champion model will be valuable additions.


I've done a fair bit on my Malifaux, although the Steamborg still plagues me. It hasn't been sprayed yet due to bad weather, and coming on my travels has meant one of its legs fell off, and it came off the base, and the Miliput base work came off the plain base.

Thankfully, my pinning-greenstuff combo meant the arms and body remained intact, so it could have been worse.

This year comes a change to work on something big and something new. I've recently bought a copy of the 2011 'eavy metal masterclass. The paint names are our of date, but the techniques aren't.

I've been getting great use from it, and I feel my painting will improve so much. two examples of this recent practice is my chaos Chosen (above) and this work-in-progress Helbrute (below). The former is a practice of warpstone glows and lightning claw effect, and the latter uses the same skin method as shown for the
Daemon Prince featured.

I've also been planning with the plague ridden husk (it's a compliment, really) running Nurgle Command, and we've concocted a great little competition between us. Stay tuned on Facebook to learn more of this, and expect more details later this week.

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