Thursday, 17 January 2013

Showcase: Tzeentch Helbrute

"Be sure to take it down if the slaves fail."

The ancient Contemptor dreadnought Death Giver remained silent, but Khotep was sure the former War Adept heard him clearly. The dreadnought and the sorcerer both remained focused on the Mutating Helbrute in front of them. The summoning spell was clearly working, as the Blood Raven's dreadnought warped and twisted as a new daemonic host was forced into it. A large gathering of cultist slaves were holding the war machine down with heavy set chains, each team struggling to hold it in place, whilst chanting the rites of imprisonment. Then it happened.

The power fist of the dreadnought burst open, sending sparks and huge lumps of metal at the cultists holding its arm down. Three thick, dripping metallic tentacles unravelled, flailing madly at the monster's captives. It was breaking free.

Within seconds of killing the cultists who were either too scared to move or too slow, the daemon had begun charging the deadly Plasma Cannon its host had equipped.  It fired upon the sorcerer, but before it could reach him, Death Giver placed itself in front of the shot, dissipating the small sun-like blast off its energy field, which cracked as it was brought back up to full power.

Without any need of an order, the Contemptor dreadnought launched itself at the daemon engine. Bolts of dark energy shot out of the palms of its mechanical hands, doing little if any damage to the beast, but distracting it long enough to get close. Death Giver grabbed the Plasma Cannon in one hand, crushing the metal of the barrel and the charging plasma coil. With a heavy swing, the dreadnought performed an uppercut strike with its free arm, dead centre. Had the Contemptor's occupant activated the power field, the daemon engine would surely be scattered across the room in a spray of metal and daemon flesh. Instead, the uncharged hit knocked the creature on its back. Due to the nature of the dreadnought host's design, it would be unable to get up without assistance; not a problem for the rare and advanced Contemptor pattern.

"See that it gets back to the ship".

With a mechanical growl that Khotep took as acknowledgement, the war machine grasped a bundle of  chains that the now dead cultists had been holding, and dragged the flailing daemon with him.

After that introduction I present to you my finished Helbrute.

This was a fun model to paint, for two reasons. One, it embodies the new direction in appearance the Chaos Space Marines are taking. And two, it was a great chance to experiment with the techniques from 'Eavy Metal Master-class.

On this one model, I've tried: Daemon prince skin, Lightning claw effects, fire, bone, horns, and two different glow effects.

The Plasma cannon is by-far my favourite part of this model: so much so that I have the urge to go back to my Forgefiend and re-do the plasma glow.

The tips of the Power Scourge, which is too big to fit in a picture
without  loosing detail.
To end today's post, I have a very important announcement  Tonight, I'll be on the Chilling Wargamers panel, alongside 11th Legion, Fear GFX and Nurgle Command, my putrid rival. It's expected to be live from 7pm GMT tonight (17th January). Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for a link to the show, or watch out on Fear GFX's YouTube Channel.

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