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The Tale of Two Wargamers: The Man in the Making

"Marines, dissembark!"

The Razorback had finally become unusable. The small command unit had embarked and driven off into the desert, long since cut off from supporting units. The heavy bolter mounted on the roof had been hindering the attackers, but was minutes ago shut down by concentrated Plasma Gun fire from the hunting party of chaos bikers. Captain Diamodes decided to retaliate. 

The first marine out, brother veteran Hytara, was cut down by mass bolter fire, the bikers roaring past the wrecked transport. The White Scars opened fire, hoping to take them down. The present Techmarine, Konar, Managed to atomise two of the attackers with a charged shot from his Conversion Beamer, the ancient weapon hissing and steaming after the shot. Brother apothecary Dranus fired with his bolt pistol, only to be killed moments later, by a plasma bolt to the head.

Then the bikers drove off. No sign of a return attack or a hit-and-run strategy, just them leaving the battlefield. The three remaining marines were confused by this, but then something came. It flew fast over their heads, leaving a small trail of smoke and engine heat.

"Captain", Konar yelled shortly after, as the craft began its turn around. "Heat signature and mag-readings identify the craft as imperial anti-grav technology, a jet-bike sir....Scimitar pattern.

"Scimitar?", thought Diamodes. It cannot be.

The jet-bike returned, slowing down to take a shot. It's elongated hull was decorated in the deepest blue, and finest gold lining. But its beauty was desecrated by marks of chaos, spikes and stars jutted from the sides, almost forcing themselves out of the pristine blue hull. Then it fired, a large gout of electrical fire came hurtling towards the marines. Konar was closest, and took the full shot, his body collapsed forward and hit the ground hard, sparking small bolts of green lightning, and smouldering from his joints. Then the rider dismounted.  In armour of the same gold and blue, but far more regal, it was crafted in the visage of a terrifying daemon, and his helmet featured swept back horns. It spoke:

"It is time to die, brother".

"No!", the champion blurted, running at the chaos marine with lightning claws at the ready. He slashed at the chaos being, but it simply leaned out of reach, grasping the forearm as it went past. Then with a mighty swing, it brought its massive power axe around and sheared the whole arm at the shoulder. The champion was stunned, looking down at his dead disembodied arm in shock. He looked up to battle one more, but by this point, the chaos lord had begun swinging the axe directly at his head. He had no time to move. 

The blood sizzled on the power axe. Without looking, holing the axe limp by his side, the lord repeated the same phrase.

"It is time to die, brother".

Yaaaaay, Forge world!
So, another exciting instalment into the story of the Sky Hunter of Tzeentch. Today, we look at my war gear choices, and the parts I hope to use, now that my Forge World order has arrived. Those who have seen my previous post of this series will know I have a war gear selection going along these lines:

HQ-Chaos Lord

  • Mark of Tzeentch
  • Disc of Tzeentch
  • Power Axe
  • Burning brand of Skalathrax
  • Gift of mutation
  • Sigil of corruption
  • Combi-Plasma gun

Great for anti-Terminator, but slow
Why these items? Let me explain. The Disc of Tzeentch has got better in this new edition, with increased speed and toughness. Combined with the necessary mark of Tzeentch and a sigil of corruption, it means I have a model with T5, and a 3+/3++ save, which is very nice and will help me survive attacks, seeing as I strike last. The power axe gives me a nice strength boost and armour-busting AP. The mutation, whilst random, is fun, and potentially very beneficial.

Now, for ranged attacks. the Burning Brand of Skalathrax is my favourite weapon of the new codex, and will be excellent at cutting down those foul-smelling followers of Nurgle. If I find myself against something Terminator armoured, of if I am out of range with the brand, that's where the combi-plasma gun comes in.

So to finish off, here is a picture and a  small list  of the parts I have lined up. Note that more may be added to this.

  • FW Scimitar Jet-bike
  • Possessed torso (Daemon face)
  • Raptor horned head (Possibly a Warp Talon head?)
  • Raptor Jetpack fins
  • Dark Vengeance Chosen Power Axe
  • Heldrake Baleflamer
  • Thousand Sons Shoulder pad
  • Chaos Brass Etching
  • GF-9 chain links. 
  • Chaos Termi lord's rock
  • 60mm base (since it'll look nicer)
An early base concept

Enjoy, and keep an eye on Facebook, where more updates will be placed.

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