Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Tale of Two Wargamers: A Need for Speed

"I am not your brother!", Diamodes yelled at the chaos warrior.

"Oh, are you so sure? Perhaps the battle at Scourge Ridge brings back your memory. The oh so unfortunate death of our dear captain Hanar. Such a loss to the fifth."

It took Diamodes a few moments to realise.


"Perhaps, at one point I was. Now I serve a much higher purpose."

"You murderer! You shall die in the name of the emperor this day. I will avenge the death of Hanar". Diamodes activated his power-sword, the blade shimmering with a bright blue glow".

The Sky-hunter chuckled dryly, his helmet grills making it sound like a guttural taunt. He powered up his axe, discharging a red glow and sparks of orange.

"We shall see about that".

Diamodes launched first, thrusting his sword forward whilst protecting his chest with his large ornate storm shield. The glaring eagle of the god-emperor emblazoned on the front make the Sky-hunter cringe. 

The chaos lord held ground, and brought his axe in a wide arc across, hoping to knock the shield away. The hit simply bounced off the shield, destabilising the power field of this axe briefly. Diamodes went in for a stabbing strike, but the Sky-hunter deflected the attack with the shaft of his axe, creating a deep groove in the weapon. 

The white scar captain reacted, crashing the shield into the chaos space marine, the shield's energy field sending him flying several metres backwards. The sky-hunter landed on his back, dropping his power-axe. The captain ran towards the lord to finish him off, but the Sky-hunter kicked across, knocking into Diamodes' lower legs and sending him to the floor. The captain weakened his grip on his power sword, and the chaos lord kicked at his hand, releasing the ornate weapon from his grasp. Even unarmed, the captain was a strong opponent. He stood up, and with all the strength the space marine could muster, he punched straight up with his bionic arm, at the sky-hunters helmet, cracking the helmet, and shattering the right lens. 

The lord was temporarily stunned, but Diamodes didn't see the sky-hunter pull out a concealed bolt-pistol. the Tzeentch warrior lunged forward, the bladed bayonet of the weapon piercing into the captains abdomen, just under the heavy ceramite and  within the softer cabling. The captain was in shock, and he knew where this would end. Three heavy rings echoed across the desert. The first shot shredded the reinforced cabling covering the abdomen, whilst the other two shots exploded inside the space marine, shredding organs and vital systems.

Diamodes collapsed to his knees, one hand holding in the remains of his intestines. The sky-hunter held the bolt pistol to the captain's head, and spoke, showing no emotion, no pride, no gloating, no joy.

"As I said". the last shot seemed to ring much louder, followed by the dull thud of a space marine hitting the floor. 

Welcome, one and all, to the next instalment of The Tale of Two warlords series. Today, I'll be sharing the progress I've make with the warlord, as well as his retinue.

Here is is the Sky-hunter himself  and I can say that this is already one of my favourite models of 2013. The Sheer amount of imposing grace this model gives off is sure to worry even my plague-ridden challenger.

There is still a bit of work to do on the base, and I think I will be breaking out the Miliput to cover up some of the worst parts, which I dare not cut off in case I ruin the base. Plus it's a chance to create something really interesting.

There is also some progress on the retinue. The exact load-out is still work-on-progress, but I think I can get around seven bikers and some nice options for the points we are allowed to spend.

Only two bikers have been done so far, a regular grunt and a weapon specialist: a plasma gun. That was a fun, if slightly annoying, conversion, using a plasma pistol. One bolter was shaved down, as was the plasma pistol, and the two were joined after much filing and swearing.

To make the bolter twin-linked again, I re-used the muzzle from the chopped bolter, cut off the existing bolter's muzzle, and re-attached both centrally, one atop another.

There was also the issue of the fairings, which were far too imperial to leave stock. Thankfully, I had a brainwave: Raptors. Not the whole kit, but the backpack fins were a similar shape and size, and with a bit of work, made great chaotic armour.

 The rest was simple, and involved replacing the torso, head and backpack with standard chaos components.

So that is all for today, I hope you come back soon, the tale of the sky-hunter is about to get much more exciting...


  1. Cool story bro. Models looking great!

  2. Brilliant as usual, I think your idea of using an actual jetbike as a daemonic steed is absolutely awesome. At some point, I may wind up stealing your idea unfairly, lol.

    1. Thanks :) I'm honoured that you'd want to use the idea, feel free to do so! I'm interested in people's takes on the concept :P Maybe FW will release more jetbike variants, like the mk14 bullock :P