Thursday, 24 January 2013

WIP: Chaos Chosen (40k)

The commander lay broken on the floor, his arm shattered, clutching the remains of his power-sabre: a dented pommel with a shattered sparking blade. His leg had been blasted at the knee by a plasma bolt, the massive wound sealing up from the super-heated shot, and melting with his carapace plating. his command unit was long dead, it was a extreme feat for him to have lived this long.

The Chaos Space marines all stood around him, not speaking, but he could tell they were toying with him. Their ornate battle-plate was intricate and intimidating. Bolts of gold lightning met up with sharpened edges and bony protrusions. One stood forward, a man easy twice the height of the Guardsman. His hands were encased in giant armoured gloves, each the size of a man's torso, ending in long glowing claws. He could tell the space marine wanted the kill. Before moving close, another of the armoured giants placed a hand on the shoulder of the clawed marine, and said: 

"Not today my friend. Perhaps it is Drogar's turn for the head of a 'hero' of the corpse-god", turning it's head towards the furthest back marine. The hidden marine stepped forward, holding an enormous twin-barrelled bolter in both hands. Within seconds, the thick cold muzzles were pressed to the man's head. The last thing lord-commander Demetrius saw was the twin flash of 0.75 calibre bolt chambers.

I've come back to one of my older projects, and one which had been a lot of fun to work on. Time, and other projects, meant these guys went on the back burner. Until today.

At the moment, I have almost completed two models, my plasma weapon carriers. They just need the new glow-effect technique, and little tidying up, before they are finished.

I've also roped in a new member of the squad: a regular grunt with a bolter. This model needed to be as ornate as the rest of the unit, so I used the Dark Vengeance chosen with bolter, plus a thousand sons head. He will be getting a backpack at a later point, and I may modify the other bolter marine to be a part of this unit.

 I also have plans to create an Autocannon carrier, but I am unsure if I should make my own, or buy the Forgeworld Autocannons.

I hope to have done more with them at the weekend, so pop over to Facebook to stay on top with your updates.

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