Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kit Review: Warriors of Chaos Forsaken

Forsaken: The possessed of the fantasy world, mutant madmen of the icy Northern Wastes and finally with a kit of their own. Gamers in the past have been forced to build custom models, but now GW has released a fully-fledged plastic box-set, and I am impressed.

The kit makes 10 forsaken, which comes in the form of six sprues in three varieties, and a bag of 25mm square bases. I assume there is some sort of unit champion in here. It's hard to tell with all these parts.

Oh, did I mention there are tons of parts? Whether you're tickled by tentacles or cool with claws, there's no shortage of choice. The kit comes with a selection god-dedicated parts, including Plaguebearer styled heads and small icons, which are placeable anywhere on the model. I may have hijacked a few for the Proteus and Heldrake...

The main bodies are in four pieces, the chest, back, and two legs. This is great from a converter's point of view. I found the regular warrior's front/back setup very annoying, and having so many separate bits makes customising much easier. With no need to hack up the models, I could very easily replace the torso or legs with power armour.

A problem I see is the joints for the arms. Some are ball and socket joints, whilst some have a peg-like setup. This will seriously limit which arms you can use with which models, and will reduce customisability, unless you are willing to break out the knife and Greenstuff.

One thing I do not envy is the actual Warriors of Chaos players who buy these. I'm using these as Warhammer 40k Possessed, so there's no need to rank them up. I can imagine a lot of shouting and nerd-rage trying to get these non-uniform boys in a neat box formation of any kind.

Now, on to the price. £30. Depending on your stance, this is either outrageous or good value. They are on the expensive side for a 10 man unit, but remember that you get a plethora of parts. And also, for my purpose, I actually save money. 10 of the actual possessed models would cost £41, so I'm saving a good sum here. Also, the models are pretty big, taller than a space marine of any faction (excluding fancy headdresses of course).

For those who like the short answer, this kit is great. Expensive, but great.

-Plastic models
-Easy to convert
-So many parts to choose from, with many left over for other conversions
-Larger and more intimidating than regular warriors

-A bit expensive (a trend with the new models?)
-Some ball socket, some plug sockets, which limits which arms can be used on certain models
-Maybe more difficult to rank up if modeller's ignore this requirement of 8th ed fantasy.

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  1. Great review. Im just sad that theyre over-overpriced.