Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pictures of the month: February 2013

It's that time again, so get comfortable. Today's post is the end of the month special, Pictures of the month, where I show off some of the best pictures I've been sent in. Normally I will post five photos, but because this month has been pretty good for contributions, and good ones at that, I've bumped it up to six. Hope you enjoy my selection:
A Demarchon Warlord ready for a fight
(Richard Eddon)

For the Emperor-Custom Sanguinor
(Richard Miles)

A particularly deadly looking Chosen Chaos space Marine
(Mathieu Rivard Lemieux)

Spreading disease and destuction-Nurgle Sorcerer in Terminator Armour
(Adam Gale)

Leading from the front-Imperial Commissar Lord
("Cattigan 71")

Mad, angry and killy-Chaos Helbrute
(Ian Phillips)

Well, that is all for this month, but there are always more chances to be featured. Any pics which don't get published (and even those that do) will be put into their own special gallery on the Facebook page.

Next month, I'll be hosting theme month, an idea which I plan to do for each month from now on. The theme for March is: tanks. Tracked, wheeled or grav, send in your tanks. Either post them on the Facebook page, or email them to for your chance to be featured. Usual rules apply: Any system, as long as it is 100% complete.

I do stress that it is tanks only, walkers, chariots and flyers do not count. But chances are I'll get around to them in a following month, to hang on to them. Deadline for March is the 29th March. 

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