Saturday, 2 February 2013

Showcase: Dark Apostle of Tzeentch

The communal hall was vast and expansive, stretch far back, so far that the back of the room was a dimly lit blue, even to the advanced witch-sight of Sektra, high apostle of the Changer of the Ways. Some within the war band doubted his purpose within the group, but none dare question his oratory still and battle-lust. He smiled wickedly, a rictus grin of a madman with a slim degree of power. 
He spoke to thousands of captured soldiers and slaves, mostly imperial, but a few elder and other aliens were mixed in. They were surrounded by the Rubrics, ever silent soldiers there to keep the prisoners in line. He spoke with utter grace, despite his obvious corruption and dark desires.

“You are gathered in this hall to serve the most grand of Tzeentch’s plans. You are to be given over to our true lord, and guide the path for beings of the warp. You may call them daemons and abominations, but we see them as angels of the true word. Chaos is the way, and you will die to bring forth enlightenment”.

Only muffled terror filled the room, as all slaves had their mouths stitched shut and their eyes removed. But they could hear him.

“Whilst your bodies are forbidden to see the transformation, know that your souls will feed a mighty force to help bring about the end-days”

He spoke quietly to a nearby sorcerer, horns jutting from its head, and his mouth covered by a feral mask, which contrasted with an ornate pole-axe and regal white robes.

“Bring them in”.

After disappearing into a side corridor, the sorcerer emerged with three other Thousand Sons chaos marines, pulling another chain of slaves. But much bigger than the assortment of offerings filling the hall: Space marines. Their armour varied in pattern and heraldry, but all had their imperial eagles and litanies carved off and burned. Their skin was cut in several places by ritual blades, and sections of their power armour were daubed with the eight pointed star and the crescent moon of Tzeentch.

Sektra stopped at one marine, which was wearing a heavily scratched wolf’s-head on his shoulder and a fanged teeth necklace.

“You will be by most favourite project. I hope you suffer after your crimes on Prospero, and you will bow to me and worship a real god”.

Perhaps not the most obvious HQ choice for Thousand Sons, but still a beneficial one, here is my completed Dark Apostle. Fluff-wise, I could argue that his 'magic' brings back some of the Thousand Sons' personality and combat initiative, and boosting their confidence in victory much like a Chaplain's sermon.

The model has a few conversions, notably the backpack and chest-plate. The chest is a thousand Sons chest-piece with the tabbard belt and cables removed, and the backpack is a cross between a plastic backpack and the fine-cast pack from a Thousand Sons Sorcerer, with parchment strips from the original Dark apostle pack. This was done because it helps tie in the model to the legion, and because the original parts were somewhat damaged.

Practicing a detailed face was interesting, as most of my models wear helmets, or would not have faces. I suspect only the sorcerer's leading units and other champions would have any flesh to mutate, or paint. IT started off as Vallejo Leather brown, followed by Bugman's Glow, then Dwarf flesh, which was cleaned up after a wash of Reiklend Fleshshade. This was followed by Cadian Fleshtone, and a highlight of 50/50 Cadian Fleshtone/Vallejo Pale Flesh.

I didn't want to make the vents the boring part of the model, so the leg and shoulder vents use a glow effect, the same as used on my Chosen.

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