Thursday, 14 February 2013

Showcase: Idolator Siege Tank

---Data entry xx.d0vr6e.wb.46263.M35---Alpha code: Mechanicus cohort 33-D3412. Transmission begins...

-Urgent assistance requested in sector 44/113-Planetary assignment: Forlorian-

-Renegade elements of the Adeptus Astartes present-Excommunicate Traitoris-XV legion splinter faction-

--Planetary invasion, commenced 10 Terran hours before transmission-

-Fallen Mechanicus brothers present and assisting renegades, urgent attention required. Rogue elements of the Machine God must be purged-

-Reinforcement request-Alpha 99-Astartes cohort (X legion), Imperium mobile division, Legio Invigilata support attachment. Arrival request: urgent-

-Deus Ex Machina-

Well than, this is probably the fastest I've ever finished a tank. Usually takes me a few weeks of working on it and taking breaks by working on other things. The Idolator, however, has been paint-stripped, broken down, rebuilt and painted in a week, even with all the usual details and weathering you can expect.

It was an interesting tank to paint, because its lines are so different to a regular Space Marine vehicle.

There were no indented panels to paint an alternate colour, so instead, a simple yellow bar went on the sides, and a big chaos star around the hatch on the roof.

This is also the first time I've tried my trusty Tamiya Weathering Stick on the tracks. I was worried that it would simple clot in the raised sections, which it sort of did. But when it came to the water stage, it spread out more and I am satisfied with the end result.

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