Saturday, 9 February 2013

Tale of Two Warlords: Pimp My (Jet) Ride

The Sky Hunter's mind a clash of a thousand thoughts. He was in a strange misty environment, an ice-world. Which was odd, seeing as the war-band was raiding on a sandy death-world. A dream, but so real.
"Wake me up", said a silken voice, familiar, akin to the voice a long-lost friend.

"Save me", The voice grew louder.

He turned around, seeing a woman encased behind a wall of thick blue ice, her face an expression of fear.

"Demia", he yelled, running up to the ice barrier. Placing his hand gently on the wall, he could feel the icy coldness, even through heavily insulated power-armour. After a moment, his mood changed to a frantic state, and he began hacking at the ice wall with his power axe. Blow after blow struck the wall, but not even a fleck of ice came off. He pulled the firing pin on the plasma section of his gun, firing shot after shot at the wall until the gun burned red hot. Barely a scratch.

Then, the woman screamed. She was dragged back, into the misty darkness behind. Two, small, green eyes poked out from the darkness. A silky, eccentric voice spoke to him.

"She is still mine, Imishra. the price of trust."

 He woke up, sitting up rigid straight, sweat forming on his brow. The sky-hunter wasn't sure if any of it was real, though his breath was clouding in front of him.

After Nurgle Command's exciting progress with his own warlord of chaos, I feel like stepping it up a notch.

I've decided to take a literal approach tot he fluff I've been writing. Lately, it has been this section in the tale of the Sky-hunter, from a previous post:

"It's elongated hull was decorated in the deepest blue, and finest gold lining. But its beauty was           desecrated by marks of chaos, spikes and stars jutted from the sides, almost forcing themselves out of   the pristine blue hull."

With that, I've added the jutting spikes along one side, and in the back corner. The are made from the horns of spare heads (namely Plaguebearer heads). A greenstuff ring was placed around them, and blended into the armour, to suggest that the spikes have forced their way out.

On the other side is the mark of chaos, taken from the Renegade Militia brass etch sheet, and bent slightly to fit over the curving bonnet.

The one thing that is almost complete is the base. This was built up using miliput, with various parts added about to add flavour, mainly the chaos rock from the Teminator Lord box set. All that is left is to paint the rim.

Here, I've used one of GW's landmine  alongside an exhaust, a failed example from the construction of my Deimos Rhino. Now it serves the purpose of showing my lord's noticeable kills. A chaos helm finishes off the trophies.

After a tad more sculpting work, it's onto the painting stage. Expect me to go all-out with this guy, and I hope you stay tuned on Facebook for more antics.

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