Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tutorial: Improving Obliterators and Mutilators

Obliterators are nasty, ruthless, and probably insane killing machines, and their close-combat cousins, the Mutilators, aren't much friendlier. Both have nice models, now available in easier to convert but often troubled FineCast.

But both models have crippling flaws: Their poses, their faces and in their 'accessory' parts (gun barrels, spikes etc.). Today, I'll be sharing my plans to improve these 'diamond in the rough' models, and combat their obvious flaws.


Like most space marine models, Obliterators and Mutilators suffer from 'Squatting Syndrome'. Their hunched up pose is very limiting, and their larger bodies accentuate the flaws of the stance. What I suggest maybe radical to some, but it is a big improvement, trust me.

Slicing up and reposing the models to stand straight not only provides the opportunity to improve the poses, but also adds height, making the models far more menacing than their unaltered state.

The re-sculpting is also fairly easy, as you can simply fill the gaps with daemon-flesh, or if you choose, ribbed cabling.


These models, especially the Mutilators, seem to have a 'derp-face' going on. Looks a bit silly if I'm honest. The only real solution is the replace the head entirely. Due to the shape of their chests, any head designed for a Terminator would work with a bit of trimming, but don't let that limit your options. Here' I've chosen to use a helmeted head from the Forsaken box set I reviewed last week. Suitably mutated, armoured, and quite Tzeentchy. The single, Cyclopean eye also creates a certain imposing image, espacially combined with the new, curiously leaning pose.


Whilst their roles as multi-weaponed Swiss army knives is well known, I think they have gone a bit overboard with this, by trying to fit every weapon and spike under the sun to their arms. what I suggest is to downscale this. Reduce the number of weapons on each arm to de-clutter. Also, with Obliterators, try finding multiple barrels of the same gun, and just use the one gun type (e.g only using melta barrels). It helps create a coherent look, and shows the model transforming to suit the role, rather than begin everything at once.

With my Mutilator here, I've not added the extra spikes, and filled in the gaps with greenstuff.

All in all, these alterations help create a more streamlined and intimidating monster of Chaos itself.

(opening image owned by games Workshop .Ltd)


  1. damn, my oblits are metal and their silly pose is just silly :(

    1. It's still doable in metal, you just may need a saw and A LOT more care! :)

      -Power Armoured Metal

  2. Personally, I didn't feel like dropping the huge cost of the mutilator models, and happened to have 3 terminators lying around from an ebay batch, so the following resulted:

    1. True, they are a bit pricey :) I do like the models but they have their flaws, hence this post :P Plus, they're cheaper than they used to be (I think they were £12/13 each)

      Yours are pretty cool too :D used the same claws on one of my previous attempts :)

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