Thursday, 7 February 2013

WIP: Idolator Siege Engine

The Idolator came about after a shortage of Vindicators and other siege engines during the conquest of the planet Folorian, by a number of Tzeentchian war bands.  The planet was a heavily fortified forge-world, and a number of the attack craft, many carrying Vindicators and Typhon siege machines, were destroyed upon atmospheric entry by the Mechanicus forces, with very little left over to salvage. Fortunately, the first target was a coastal zone, on which existed a manufactorum. It so happened that this particular complex stored Leman Russ based battle-tanks, with a large collection of mothballed Thunderers ready for conversion work across the continent.

The Idolator was created by the corrupt Warp Smiths and Dark Mechanicus cohort accompanying the war bands.  The Thunderer tanks were far to slow and heavy to keep up with the other chaos space marine elements, and so the dark mechanists turbo-boosted the multi-fuel engines already installed, and improved the filtration systems by cannibalising and bastardising the Imperial machinery around them. Armoured blades were attached to the front, and the hull was raised to allow space marines to get inside and man the tank. The reduce the weight, the front and side armour plating was thinned, and many redundant internal systems removed. Heretical technology leftover from the wreckage was used to allow a full corruption of the machine spirits, to guide the demolisher shells and aid in general functions. Some daemons were even transferred into the tanks to replace them; in cases where their previous vehicular prisons were unrepairable, but intact enough to prevent the daemon escaping.

Whilst not as efficient as the Vindicator, the Idolator is an effective enough substitute, and the fleet of chaotic war-machines helped turn the tide of the war, and bring another valued planet to the forces of chaos. Many remain in service with the war-bands.

Here it is, the (in)famous Idolator tank, almost completed. I fancied building a pre-heresy inspired tank, that wasn't based on any existing space marine hull. I recalled that the Space Marines has access to tanks from the Imperial Army (Imperial Guard now), such as the Malcador chassis. Therefore, a Leman Russ was utilised.

This was the state it began, a leftover project I collected from my parents a while ago. I had actually done a similar project with this tank before, and it was a Destroyer Tank hunter for some time.

After a few hours in some Fairy Power Spray (which smells an awful lot better than Dettol), it was ready to demolish. The front armour and cupola was first to go, followed by the track guards.

The new front armour and hull is Plasticard, with a bumper made from Rhino exhausts. The cannon is from a Baneblade, combined with more plasticard and part of a Defiler's armour.

For the cannon gas vents, I used both turbines from a Drop Pod, and some from the plastic Raptors.

The detail stage is pretty much the only part of this build left (a very quick build), so hopefully it can receive an undercoat this weekend. I want to add the big dozer blade from the normal vindicator, but I may have to add this later on as I don't have the 'donor' with me.

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