Tuesday, 19 February 2013

WIP: Renegade Thunderbolt (Part One)

Work has begun on the Bomma-to-thunderbolt conversion, and all is going well.

One of the first things I did was to remove many of the rivets covering the plane. Whilst Imperial vehicles are covered in rivets, Ork vehicles are covered in more. So to help streamline it, every unnecessary rivet was shaved off. Also, gaps and missing panels were covered using parts from the kit.

After consulting my Facebook fans, I decided to mimic the Forgeworld model's weapon placement, and have placed all of them jutting from the plane's nose. The twin autocannons are made from evergreen plastic tubes, as are the lascannons.

The lascannons use the mounts from the Bomma's nose mounted big shootas.

To hide the scrapheap look, I have started to sculpt on the panels. Using Greenstuff, I'm straightening edges and fixing the chips.

The next major jobs are to build the cockpit and a salvo of under-wing missiles. Hope you've enjoyed the post. More on this project soon. 

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