Tuesday, 26 February 2013

WIP: Renegade Thunderbolt (Part Two)

The Indominus pattern Thunderbolt is an example of a rare technological snobbery amongst the Mechanicus.

The Indominus is an incredibly old design, pre-dating the standard pattern by at least a few millennia.  Because of it's age, it is much cruder in design, even by Imperial standards, and gets a lot of criticism for its basic nature and inferiority to its more common cousin, the Cypra Mundi pattern. The machinists of Mars,  whilst accepting of its technological purity, see it as an inferior specimen of dedication to the machine god.

Due to the loud noise of its engines and the general shape, it is often mistaken to be Orkish unless observed closely, and it is suspected that some of the known patterns of Bomma are based on stolen examples or 'modified' blueprints hijacked from Mechanicum data-banks  But its sturdy structure proves otherwise, and despite its brutish form, it still achieves its role as an attack craft very well.

The build process of the Thunderbolt is complete, and now it's onto the painting.

The base coat used was Army Painter Desert Yellow, follows by a layer of Vallejo German Camo Brown Light. Agrax Earthshade was applied to the crevasses and rivets, with more Camo Brown Light to tidy up. Soon, I will apply a light dry-brush. The metallics are starting to receive a basecoat of black, ready for painting.

The canopy has been painted over. I felt that it would be too difficult to create a pilot with the parts I had at the time. I think that it will end up painted black with a blue or green tint, perhaps purple.

The chaos stars (from the Renegade brass etch sprue) added to the craft have been painted in German Camo Brown Medium. I wanted to keep the plane simple, with a themed colour scheme. Brighter icons of dedication may be added later, and painted in a graffiti style.

Next, it's onto the metals, namely the engines and guns. Once they're done, it's squad marking, and finally, the weathering process. Expect a lot of streaking and chipped paint

Once all that is done, I will move onto the base. I'll try to have something interesting planned...


  1. great idea and a good work!

    the star at the wing looks good

    possible that i will steal your idea in the future ;p

  2. Nice work dude

    Love the idea and the background info you made up for it

    Did you etch a groove into the wing for the brass star to go into or is it just the photos playing tricks on my eyes? :P

    1. Thanks :)

      It might be a trick of the eye :P The brass etch was simply glued on top of the wing. It might be the dark brown combined with the shading that makes it look engraved :P

      -Power Armoured Metal