Saturday, 16 February 2013

WIP: Renovating The Renegades

Always beneath the Chaos Space Marines, but a little bit more valuable than a rabble of cultists, the armies of traitorous guardsmen are a key part of the force that makes up the great enemy that is Chaos.

In recent years, I've been playing with my Renegade Militia force less and less, favouring my Thousand Sons for battles. I've also greatly reduced the size of the force after selling a number of key units and vehicles. 

But with the allies rules in 6th edition 40k, I can add a small detachment of the traitor guardsmen, and with that, some restructuring and some new paints, I've begun the big refurbishment. Some models shown may be sold on, but the army as an entity will still live on.

The new colour scheme (model on the right) is very similar to the old one, but the subtle changes make all the difference. Instead of Boltgun Metal armour, it is now Vallejo German camo brown medium. The fatigues are German camo brown light, with some Iraqi sand mixed in for highlights.

Those with keen eyes or witchsight will have noticed a peculiar box in the corner of recent pictures, displaying an Ork flyer. No, I haven’t started a new army, and I shall explain. I thought it would be good to try out some of the flyers from Imperial Armour: Aeronautica, but I don’t have £90 to throw at a flyer which I will end up using occasionally. I did look at the Dark angel Dark Talon/Nephilim, which could make a convincing Avenger. But even then, it’s not cheap for its size, and the Imperial eagle wings are moulded on, which would be a lot of work.

Then I found the Bomma. Relatively cheap, and similar in shape and size to the Thunderbolt, another IA flyer which has been around for some time. I happened to come across someone who has had a similar idea (de-orkifying a Bomma), but I suspect I’ll go even further with the de-orkification.

To finish off, here is the first draft of my ally’s army list:
-HQ: command squad w. power fist, bolter, plasma gun, astropath. Techpreist w. servitors
-Elites: 6 storm troopers w. grenade launcher, power fist, plasma pistol
-Troops: 10 veterans, missile launcher, Chimera
-Fast attack: Thunderbolt
-Heavy Support: Leman Russ w. heavy bolter, heavy stubber (or a Basilisk)


  1. Can you give a link to the de-orked bomber? Something I might be interested in trying

    1. Here you go my friend :) Not massively de-orkified but you get the idea:!

      Also should have a WIP of my own attempt. Keep an eye out this week :)

      -Power Armoured Metal