Saturday, 30 March 2013

Picture's of the Month: March 2013

Again, we find ourselves at the end of the Month. This month's theme was tanks, so here are some of the best armoured battle-creations I've been sent:

Dakka Dakka Dakka!-Ork Kill Krusha
(Crann Morgan)

Recreating history-Pzkw 3 . N
(Crann Morgan)

For the Plague God-Nurgle Predator
(Nurgle Command)
From the skies!-Ork Airship
(Ian Wyatt)

This last one isn't strictly a tank, but these things 'tank' a lot of damage....

To battle-Nemesis Dreadknight
(Andrew Jashyn)

That is all for now, but why not have a go at next months theme? The theme for April is...Battlegroups! I want to see photos of your whole army (or at least a combat-capable section that is usable in a game). As normal, any system, scale or models, so long as they're 100% complete. Entrants should send their images to: or post them onto the Facebook page

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