Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Showcase: Chaos Sorcerer (Power Fist/Force Sword)

Venerable brother Arias crushed the chaos marine with his power claw, splintering the heavy Ceramite plating of its power armour. But no blood came out as he killed the warriors of the Thousand Sons, only grey dust and a green flash of light. His other weapon, a Flamestorm cannon, lit up the dusk of the battlefield, melting power armour and sending burning cultists screaming to their doom. Many threw themselves off the cliff edge, to quickly end their suffering or in vain hope to land in water.

One marine remained to challenge him, as the rest of the Red Scorpions battle-group attacked the main Thousand Sons defending force. This renegade looked to be some form of champion, resting one hand on an ornate power sword, green lightning crackling off it's blade. His helmet was of the brightest gold, flame-light flickering off his shiny surface. A purple cloak flowed behind, topped by numerous scrolls and pieces of parchment hanging from his power pack.

"Burn, herertic", Arias intoned monotonously, firing his Flamestorm cannon at the sorcerer, who was engulfed by the thick flames. But after the flames vanished, he still stood. His armour showed no signs of burn damage, nor was his cloak aflame, or even singed. Is was if the flames were dissipated  Arias fired again, but the sorcerer held his power fist, open palmed, at the flame shot. The flames contracted in size as they closed on the Thousand Son, forming in the open palm of the power fist. The flames changed colour, from a promethium fueled red to an eery purple, screaming faces appearing in each flicker. The sorcerer then directed the flames back at Arias, forming a concentrated beam of purple energy. The warp-flame hit Arias' Flamestorm cannon, melting through the heavy plating, igniting the fuel, and blasting the whole arm from the body. The molten metals of the arm dripped down onto the leg, partially melting the joint, slowing any potential movement. 

The heretic ran towards Arias, who swung across with his power claw. The sorcerer ducked under the blow, seemingly by inches. He swiped up with an activated power fist, smashing into the power claw's joints. Climbing up on the now immobilised arm, the sorcerer then blasted the sarcophagus with another warp-fire blast, melting away a fist sized hole in the armour around the vision slit. Amniotic fluids drained from the internal tank.  Arias' fleshy remains were pitied by the sorcerer, who tutted behind his helmet, before saying: 

"So...this is what the false god calls a hero? How disappointing."

Arias was no longer able to move his face after centuries of internment in amniotic fluid, so his rage lay inside, until the sorcerer rammed his force sword straight through his skull, killing him instantly. Arias' soul burned as the psychic forces tore his spirit apart.

Today, I'm showing off, in my opinion, my most intricate and best painted HQ charcter for my Thousand Sons.

This guys has long been unpainted, but a recent HQ competition motivated me to start and finish this long awaiting HQ, which has been very successful in-games. It only seemed fair to give him some paint.

The power fist's flames, and the eyes, both use an OSL (object source lighting) technique, learned in an older 'Eavy metal Masterclass' book. Although the paint names are redundant, the techniques are fantastic and still very much relevant. I chose not to add OSL to the sword, as I felt it would be too much.

Being a Thousand Sons leader, he needed the icon of his Legion. This is probably the neatest one I've done, after trying out a different technique of painting it. I will share this technique at a later point.

The cape came out great, and I think I'll be using more purple in my force as a result. It started off as Liche Purple, with a small bit of white added for raised areas, even more for highlighting. A Tamiya weathering stick was used to create the dust effect at the bottom, where the cloak would drag on the floor.

The base has been kept faily strightforward, using only the rock formation that came with the model, and a Necron skull. I felt that adding more, such as grass tufts, would hide key details like the leg highlighting.

All painted up, this pyromaniac-sorcerer lord is ready to set the Imperium alight for chaos